May be Habit Forming

By accident I discovered that I could get wildly pleasurable feeling if I climbed a pole vigorously for several minutes. The first time was in PE at school while I was running an obstacle course. Had to climb to the top of a pole and slide down, only near the top it happened. I was overcome by the most pleasurable sensation and was frozen clinging to the pole with my eyes closed.  As long as I held on the sensation  continued.  It must have been a couple of minutes because I was getting hassled by other students. . After that day I was determined to make it happen again. I had to to do it again. Experimenting after school on the playground and eventually at the high school after hours and during summer break or weekends. After a few weeks I tried it completely naked. Wow, what a rush it was to undress totally and completely and stash my clothes behing bushes and venture out to where the poles were, usually in the middle of the black top or quad area. Doing it naked raised it up a notch t do it any other way. I would ride my bike to the high school on warm summer days and spend whole afternoons repeating it many times. Leaving my house after dinner with the sole purpose was to find a pole and cling to it naked. My arousal started well before I arrived at the pole. After scanning my surrounds and shedding my clothes, heart racing and penis rigid and throbbing visibly, step out into the open and make my way out to where the selected pole was. Grasping the pole and sinching my thighs together squeezing my erection upwards to the right of the pole. After considerable effort the sensations start faintly. I have to concentrate and synchronize my thigh squeezing motion and pulling up motion. When I get close to the feeling, I close my eyes and sink into my own world of pleasure that lasts for several minutes. I am vulnerable at this point to being caught. Which I think intensifies everything up to another level. There were times when I released my grip on the pole let myself down and found that I was being watched by shocked yet curious onlooker.

Door Hanging Masturbation

I prefer poles, but I have been able to orgasm by hanging on an open door in the house. It works the same way, grasp onto the top of the door and hang while you clamp your thighs tightly together, making sure your genitals are in contact with the door edge. Open and close your thighs in a continuous motion while pushing your pelvis forwards and upwards at the same time. If it’s your first time be patient, the fireworks can be elusive, even when you feel the tingling at first it’s like chasing something far off in the distance. With persistance the glorious pleasure will engulf your entire body.

Captain’s chair: The exercises most likely to give YOU an orgasm | Mail Online

Captain’s chair: The exercises most likely to give YOU an orgasm | Mail Online

via Captain’s chair: The exercises most likely to give YOU an orgasm | Mail Online.