Hard to draw

When I climbed on to the model stand naked for the first time I had to concentrate on not getting aroused, I was successful but it was not easy . I focused on providing assortments of gesture poses and longer poses that showed emotion and were interesting to draw. My confidence in my abilities was high. My ability to ward off spontaneous erections the moment I felt the stirringlbcc-289x300 inside. That all changed while posing for anatomy class, of all times. While standing on a box and students enthusiastically huddled around me as the professor identified the external structures of the male reproductive organs using a pointer. This was far different than what I was used to in drawing classes. I felt cool morning draft from the open window when I felt a tingle, my scrotum tightening , no , not now. I was developing a erection and I could do nothing to stop it. Within seconds, my penis was lurching furiously to the beat of my heart which I could actually hear. I closed my eyes, blushing, I thought, I am fired I know it. To my surprise I heard the professor say oh, wonderful, here we can see the significant changes during arousal. Note the tightening of the scrotum as the penis prepares for ejaculation . With all students eyes on me, as they studied every detail I was at a level of arousal that I had never been before. The sensations pleasure rippled through me. I thought to myself, I can deal with this, I continued the pose even when I felt flow of pre-cum flooding my urethra. I have experienced the most intense arousal ever while posing.

My erection stiffens with intensity, then for while, relax a little.

exhibitionist life drawing model  

I am being studied in close detail with all eyes on me.  I am totally naked on a small platform or stage.  This scenario I have pursued.  I  fantasize about  being on display totally naked as long as I can remember.  After I began posing naked for art it became apparent that a key aspect of this erotic fantasy involved humiliation.   The first time I lost control, developing  an erection in front of the student artists with all eyes on me. My decision to stay in the pose closing my eyes and attempting to calm myself .  As I did this it wasn’t just me experiencing this arousal.  Everyone in the studio was too along with me.  Realizing this my failure to calm my pulsing rock hard penis after making an effort to do so.  Continuing the pose elevated my arousal to a level I never experienced before.    In the close quarters of the art studio I can feel my erection stiffen with intensity, then for a while , relax a little.  As I concentrate to hold the pose without changing the position of my head , arms, amount of twist in my body.  As my thoughts drift from what my plans were for later to how my friends and family must not find out my secret passion.  Brought out the daze by the rhythmic thumping in my groin,   back to reality when my penis , as if it had a mind of its own ,  has restored its rigidity.  The buzz of arousal flowed through me,  the hush of the studio I could hear whispering around me but could not make out what was being said. An occasional cough or a dropped pencil was all I could hear over my heart beating. I blush.  How awkward a situation to be in, exposing my true self, humiliated, yet deriving pleasure from this.  Shame on me? I don’t think so.