I stumbled on your blog this afternoon and could not believe how absolutely stimulating I found it to be. (My penis definitely agrees). Reading your posts with the illustrations etc.–that in itself was a fantasy fulfilled. I totally get your point of you man. Something I found interesting (and there were a lot of things) was that the subject matter doesn’t skew one way or the other regarding sexual preference. That revealed you as a true exhibitionist. OK I get it you’re heterosexual but you just have a very sophisticated and erotic take on the male nude figure model experience especially as it relates to having erections, expressing your exhibitionist nature etc. I identify very strongly with your point of view-and there are many points which touch a nerve such as the sheer erotic joy of masturbating in front of a mirror which I do exclusively. I’ve done a little posing here and there but not in a professional environment like you. I would really like to meet you. This isn’t a ‘come-on’ but a genuine interest in meeting someone with a similar point of view. I live in San Diego and travel to OC all the time. So thanks for your terrific blog and if you feel like it it would be nice to hear from you.

― Mike Johnson