Swimsuit with a view

Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland

Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sheer and Short Equals Naked

The cottage was walking distance to the beach, everything was so beautiful, I never took the beach  lifestyle  for granted.  I felt very lucky to be able to afford to live here .    I was comfortable practically living in my swim suit, flip-flops and sometimes a tee-shirt .  It  is interesting to look back at some memorable experiences and circumstances  that I found myself in.   Summer vacation at the beach is incredible, the list of activities is endless.  Staying home was the activity I chose for now.   The overcast was burning off early which meant everyone would head to the sand early, except for me.    I got out of bed not bothering to put clothes on feeling a little naughty,  enjoying myself  naked and becoming aroused by thoughts about walking to the beach naked.  What it might feel like to do it.    Without really thinking or planning I walked out of the house wearing very little.  I had a pair of shorts I wore around the house but never outside because they were short loose-fitting,  without any underwear  I would never go outside wearing them because they were so sheer you could see right through them.    With only the shorts on I went out the back to the alley heading towards the beach.  As I walked  my penis went from a heavy swollen fullness to fully erect.  This pleased me much, so, I continued  walking down the side of the highway a short distance then turn toward trail that led to a  secluded cove  locals mostly .  Beach volleyball is popular with 2 nets on the sand.   I had been playing there recently with some friends.   Walking toward the beach the cool breeze was swirling up the shorts I was wearing causing them parachute growing my erection.     I was having a rush  of excitement when I arrived .   I felt so naked, just perfect,  far from home with out my clothes.  I was going naked at my favorite beach and I was loving it.  As more people showed up, the more excited I became, and more nervous.   I was starting to see some familiar faces.   3 young ladies a couple of years younger than I take a spot next to one of the courts.  They are part of the volleyball crowd probably looking for a fourth player.  They wave and I waive back.  I did not expect this,  and I felt like dying when they began walking to where I was .  I was self-conscious about what I was wearing.  Every bit of my anatomy  was visible through the material.  They  start to warm up with volleyball bumping it back and forth between them ,  this indicates teams have been picked and apparently I am on one of them.  Oh my, I am thinking maybe I have taken things too far.  In my fantasy world this is heading right where I want it to go.    I convince myself I could play a subdued easy game.  Attempts to stretch the shorts longer failed.  I stood up while adjusting and positioning what I was wearing but it did not help much.  I was naked and that was that.    To my surprise no reaction,  like ,  oh yeah,  pretty daring there bud.  The game starts normal then 3 more girls setting up their beach chairs at court side. My partner is giving me perfect sets for me to spike the ball. Requiring leaping and stretching as high as possible.   My penis in and out of shorts I knew it, but I could not feel the light material enough to know when it was covering.    The result was a complete wardrobe failure. I glanced at the court side to see every eye looking down at  my  penis.  Keeping my cool , a quick peek down  , humiliated , embarrassed,  my erection was stiff I felt a swirling  pleasure at the same time. This was unbelievable,  everyone was watching not talking.  My erection was out of control ,  I just continued to play.  My turn to serve the ball.  I paused,  I listening to The sound of the surf break and the sound of my heart b eat. Everyone was watching me play naked.