Awkward in Anatomy Class

Beginning Anatomy Class , introduction to nude model. The instructor motions me over to the front of the class as he rattles off bone structure terminology signals me to lose the robe, which I did without hesitation.  I stand naked in front of a freshman class of blushing faces and wide eyes,  my genitals on display  .  Completely naked and the center of attention,   the chances are high that the arousal will last the whole class time once it begins.  It is the reaction of  one or two students,  unknowingly, are causing me to feel arousal begin. As I stood there in the anatomy stance it was these two that could barely contain themselves when  a heaviness, a swelling began,  then the feeling of my penis rising from my body.  erectstage when I felt a  wave of arousal, within a few seconds a full erection, throbbing wildly , with my scrotum rolling tight.   The pleasure I feel from being in the situation is so intense.   Naked  humiliation, is awkward , yet finding a positive outlet is appreciated,  continues to fulfill  .  Now I am blushing.