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Summer Poles

Summer break had arrived.   Shooting some hoops on the backyard  court often  my interest would shift to the chin up bars and poles.  Messing around, climbing and doing pull-ups as cover  of the my true intentions.  That was before I was caught climbing the pole naked.  A 1 minute  walk to the local school is  where the poles were.  Tether ball poles, volleyball poles,  the poles at the swing set worked just right.  As long as I could  climb them, I could repeat the magic.  Choosing which  pole was  not easy.  No thicker than  two and half inches,   located near building or tree and bushes. Quick return to where my clothes lay.   Take off my clothes  behind a wall or building.   This gave me an instant erection.  Not a soul in site.  The first step out in the open naked feels so naughty and I loved it.    I make my way out to where the pole was , much further than it looked.  Reaching high  grab hold , and start climbing very slowly while clamping my thighs together  repeatedly,  squeezing my erection further upwards and outwards. My plan was to  jump down and duck behind the fence  if I saw anyone coming, wait it out then  step out to where the pole was again  to continue.   I physically strain for  minutes till I start to get the feeling. My arms and hands in pain and legs fatigued, but still pressing together with precise timing.  I struggle past the fatigue  intent on getting over  the top.  I  am at  point of no return when orgasm is 30 to sixty seconds away .  All  concerns about getting caught fade ,  my eyes  closed  no longer paying attention to my surroundings.  A very vulnerable time at this point.    Then it happens ,  unable hang on any longer ,  somehow I do.   Hot semen squirting overwhelming  waves of pleasure engulf my body and mind  I cling to the pole  with my eyes still closed , how could this feel so damn good.   My most vulnerable moment turns onto most awkward.

full seen


Shared Experience


I left my pajamas on the ground behind the ac condenser , my erection stiffened.    I was acting on a insatiable desire to be naked in public. My heart raced, a shortness of breath. The moment I heard the side yard gate latch behind me my already swollen penis filled my inner groin this pleased me so. The space between the house next door and ours was without landscaping.  Nothing to hide behind not even a blade of grass.  I delighted in my total nakedness in full eyesight of pedestrians. My enjoyment surged when the first eyes on me turned away, then returned for second peek of the spectacle. Just less than a minute another viewer stopped for a moment then grinned and continued on.  Everyone that walked by saw me.   I went on with my day. Having no time to masturbate till the afternoon. I pleasured myself,  climaxing again, and again with those first eyes  on me in my thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Exhibitionist desires

Exhibitionist Shares

dard How someone could willfully undress completely naked for detailed study by groups of strangers.  For most people the idea of being naked in public is a subject of nightmares.  For some, the opposite is true.  An exhibitionist would consider this a fantasy come true.  exhibitionist desire to expose themselves, and must find acceptable outlets to express themselves.  My favorite university to pose over time has me as their go to guy when models cancel.  Calls from the studio resources are  frequent.  Excepting every offer to fill in calendar.  My popularity with instructors, art students, the department is up.  .  Maintaining a good work ethic or being reliable along with a strong performance on the model stand, counteracts any concerns about my chronic state of arousal.  From  sculpture, painting ,life drawing and especially anatomy.  Where instruction focuses on my erection as an opportunity to study male anatomy in an aroused state  .  At the start of the school year , straight out of high school freshman are clued in on what to expect. To be continued…

Naked Memories

fantasy realized

Daydreaming about a walk about town without my clothes made me hot and even aroused, but planning a time and place sent my heart rate up and butterfly stomach. Being nude in public is not permitted which when seen naked outdoors one can expect alot of attention. Seeking out a secluded place is the first task. Undressing in remote places, it seems, being viewed by others is still a possibility. With this risk of being discovered in this activity adds to the excitement. A rigid erection while out in the open is so awesome and kinky. It seems curiosity fueled by raging hormone level the pleasure from just being naked can are ampified.  Fantasies at first , the urge to be naked outdoors became reality, spontaneous and sometimes gutsy . Summer just started and the weather was sunny and warm. I was riding my bike home from the beach wearing only my swim trunks and flip flops.  My favorite route took me through a wilderness area dense with eucalyptus trees. The narrow asphalt bike trail had plenty of small clearings along the side.   The thought was to take a detour like I have done before, then leave the bike in the bushes. Choosing the easy on and off elastic waist swim trunks allowed quick removal and on.  Careful to make sure I was alone I am naked in a instant scanning the area before walking down the path. At first staying close to where I stashed my trunks then gradually  became intoxicated by the thrill of walking further and further down the path. The more distant I put between me and my clothes increased the thrill and excitement. Just consumed with this erotic game pushing far from my trunks I lost my bearings unaware of exactly how far I had gone. That is when behind me, back towards the direction where I had come, the sound of women voices, faint at first, then approaching fast.  Then,  2 women in their early 20’s appeared between me and my clothes. I panicked, tried to find anything to duck and hide behind,  but quickly realized that there was no where to go. Quickly coming towards me,   saw me from a distance, then stopping. My predicament produced a swarm of pleasure so intense.  I heard them laugh and whisper to each other but I could not understand what they said. Then they continued to walk towards me . Getting to my clothes was critical, leaving me with the only option but walk passed them . I was so embarrassed when they asked me  “did you lose something?” followed by snickering and giggles.  “Your shorts are back there where your left your bike”, they blurted. I was speechless and blushing all shades of red.  I was naked outdoors , I was caught,  I felt humiliated.  Yet, a sensation of pins and needles,  a strange inner arousal, penis throbbing wildly as I walk hurriedly .  The swelling between my legs persisted ,  heading home fast as I could ride.  Slamming the door behind me, my hand caressing and stroking it,  eager to satisfy myself, it seemed bigger, much harder. After squirting cum all over myself I was ready to cum again. Masturbating several times into the evening.

Naked Again Erection in Public

It was my first time working at a university and the idea thrilled me.  Driving directions, parking passes, finding the fine arts department, instructors, studios, etc.. The first time on campus for me was confusing and a little intimidating but I stayed focused  as to not be late for my appointment to take off my clothes and stand on a pedestal so  I may be viewed totally naked.  As I approached the off ramp to exit the freeway I had a few butterflies mixed in with the overall state of arousal I was feeling .  I had an erection since leaving home.  Entering the studio I was briefed on the poses and length of times by the TA, and then was on my own.  I searched for a dressing room or closet and there was none.  There was a foyer that was the entrance to this studio so I thought to undress there and stash my clothes behind a cabinet.  There was also a row of sinks for studio uses.  I was ready to make my entrance.  Entering the studio is the most intense cropped-handj-e1491563047512experience because being the model for the day ,  the subject of study,  every student has their eyes on me .  Watching how I walk ,  my movement,  looking at my feet and hands.  Some start sketching me even before I take the stage.  I am hired for this purpose, I can expect no privacy while in the studio.  I like walking in and without  pausing I am  naked before I make eye contact with anyone.   I walked in, found the stage,   dropping my robe as I stepped up to begin my first gesture pose.  30 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour.  no problem.  This is when I check the audience and notice the individual concentration each student has.  Some look only at my penis. it is so obvious.  Not a problem for me,  look all you want at anything on my body is openly on display for you.  When class was over I made my way to the room I used as a dressing room.  Closed the door behind me thinking how well things went.  I removed my robe stuffing it into my gym bag and turning to the sinks to wash my feet.  I was enjoying a sensuous   feeling ,  a tension after 4 hours of stimulation.  I fondled my half erect penis while beginning to wash my feet when I heard noises coming from all  around.  I was startled to see 4 doors open at once and the quiet room I was in was suddenly packed with students leaving classes ending .  A stream of student artists flowed 3 lanes wide like traffic on the interstate, tip to tail, bumper to bumper.  My clothes were across the way behind a cabinet out of reach.  My robe somewhere down stream.  I was without options except to stand there naked.  As embarrassing as this was,  I could do nothing but wait it out by the sink , unable to hide my now fully erect penis.  I felt the buzz of arousal increasing , with  my heart rate and respiration elevated  , a noticeable surge in rigidity of my penis seemed to defy gravity curving  almost straight up I glance down noticing a sparkle of pre-cum all within a few seconds.  ” Oh my god,” I thought to myself .   I had no way  to hide from view my  hard pulsating penis from the 75 or so art students  within a few inches from where I stood. Every time I raised my head to see if I could scoot across I saw only the startled faces with wide eyes looking  at my swollen penis then  a quick eye contact.  The hallway  echoed with chatter about the naked guy with snickers and remarks about how obvious it was that I was enjoying myself. I was in no position to deny it, as the erotic nature of my predicament played in to my exhibitionist core.  A few chuckles and giggles ,Oh my god.  he is naked, Oh my god.  did you see that?  he has a hard on.   That must be one of the models I heard one person say. A lot of things went through my mind as I wrestled the bundle of clothes from behind the cabinet, getting home topped the list. Heading to the parking structure, I walked slowly  thinking about what just happened.  I used my gym bag to conceal my erection as I walked across campus. The drive home was less hectic than the drive to the University, yet a bit of urgency   to get home with one thing on my mind.  I wasted no time once home through the front door locking the dead bolt behind me. I quickly threw off my clothes on my way to the night stand drawer  grabbed my lube laying back naked again, on my bed.   With delightful anticipation fondled my heavy  cock with my left hand,  how wonderful the  feeling  was.   I was surprised to hear myself let out a quiet moan as I applied the personal lube to my swollen penis.  Keeping  my phone close by in case of a call for me to model and get naked again in public. With this experience fresh in my mind,  I masturbated many times afterwords and continue to fantasize/recall the experience . Not sure what the demand would be for my services in my new-found trade. The construction jobs I worked full speed, sneaking away to 1 or 2 times a week to model.  That quickly changed excepting every booking  focusing on my new interest.  The best days are when I am naked from 8-12, 1-4, 5-9 pm.  The pay is less than I am used to,  more cost in gas, I am fine with that.  The amount I spend on lube has quadrupled.  I have discovered  studio storage rooms are available as dressing rooms if requested.