Climbing to Climax



I have no doubt the climax is the best when climbing a smooth steel pole while completely naked.  There are times  when a pole is not available and the risk of getting caught is too great.   There is a way to orgasm using the edge of a door the same as you climb a pole.   The key element here is creating extreme muscle tension in the arms and featured abdominal. With the door edge in front of you get a grip on the top of the door then pull yourself up with one leg on each side. As you hang there pull yourself upwards slightly and, if you prefer, move your pelvis in a humping motion to stimulate your genitals directly on the door edge. Achieving orgasm this way takes considerable effort. If after a few minutes you aren’t feeling a slight tickle in your lower abdomen take a quick rest then continue where you left off. The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced with ability to repeat as many times as you wish.

climbing pole

The Best Orgasm Of My Life

I have stumbled across the perfect climbing pole. I saw it while walking on the beach this summer. Located near some bushes where the beach sand is dry and warm. The distance from the bushes to the pole is about 6 feet, and the pole is 7 feet tall and is on the wide open beach.   where I undress is about 6 feet to the pole. On a sunny day the pole is warmed and causing my penis to jump at first contact. I grasp high as I can reach with my arms pulling myself upwards as I clamp my thighs together my engorged penis protruding beyond the pole. Only wearing a bathing suit I just walk behind the bush and throw them off leaving me totally naked.  Then out to the pole I go.  I feel an incredible rush of arousal,   tingling in my gut that will develop into an incredible intense  orgasm .My thighs tighten and squeeze together then release in a constant rhythm.  Gradually the intensity increases when I can feel the faint beginnings of an orgasm.  I ignore the ache and fatigue in my arms and thighs determined to orgasm.  Each time is different depending on how many people are on the beach.  The orgasms I have are so intense , I would recommend trying it


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