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Model Needed

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You found a job posting  that said “Life Drawing Model Needed” It said that you must be comfortable with being nude in front of art students. You were a little intrigued. Could you handle being so exposed in front of strangers? You decide to try it.´´´

When you arrive in my art class, the teacher gives you a robe and asks you to take off all of your clothes and come back wearing the robe. Me and the other art students set up our easels facing the center of the room. You come back wearing only the robe and the teacher places you, and adjusts the lights. She tells you that it is time to take off the robe. You hesitate for a moment and then the exhibitionist in you comes out and you let it drop to the ground. All eyes are on you and your cock. I am gazing at the long, thick smooth cock  imagining what it would feel like in my mouth.

I looked up at you and you were looking right back at me. f0e232c730f3fb4df2bbdf1ea9610cf11I smiled and I noticed your cock twitched a bit and started to grow. The exhibitionist in me wanted to go to you drop to my knees and give you what we both could feel you want.  Joining the class from my moment of lust, we all drew you as you stood in the hot lights. We looked intensely at every part of your body.  Your pubic hair completely removed was a nice surprise, and I really like it that way. I could tell how much you were enjoying being naked, pre cum was flowing from your cock  I felt hot and a my panties were getting wet.

Finally it was time for a break. I asked you if I could come with you into the dressing closet. Before you put your clothes on, I told you to sit down. I separated your legs and took your cock into my hands. I licked the head of your cock and slowly put it into my mouth. You pushed my head closer and shoved your cock deep down my throat. As you pulled out, you came all over my chest.

We laughed and were both much more relaxed as we went back into the classroom. I sure hope you come pose for my class again!

Climbing to Climax



I have no doubt the climax is the best when climbing a smooth steel pole while completely naked.  There are times  when a pole is not available and the risk of getting caught is too great.   There is a way to orgasm using the edge of a door the same as you climb a pole.   The key element here is creating extreme muscle tension in the arms and featured abdominal. With the door edge in front of you get a grip on the top of the door then pull yourself up with one leg on each side. As you hang there pull yourself upwards slightly and, if you prefer, move your pelvis in a humping motion to stimulate your genitals directly on the door edge. Achieving orgasm this way takes considerable effort. If after a few minutes you aren’t feeling a slight tickle in your lower abdomen take a quick rest then continue where you left off. The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced with ability to repeat as many times as you wish.

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