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Naked Arousal

I am not sure why I get an erection when I take off my clothes.  It can be a little embarrassing when other  people see this.

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Naked Memories

fantasy realized

Daydreaming about a walk about town without my clothes made me hot and even aroused, but planning a time and place sent my heart rate up and butterfly stomach. Being nude in public is not permitted which when seen naked outdoors one can expect alot of attention. Seeking out a secluded place is the first task. Undressing in remote places, it seems, being viewed by others is still a possibility. With this risk of being discovered in this activity adds to the excitement. A rigid erection while out in the open is so awesome and kinky. It seems curiosity fueled by raging hormone level the pleasure from just being naked can are ampified.  Fantasies at first , the urge to be naked outdoors became reality, spontaneous and sometimes gutsy . Summer just started and the weather was sunny and warm. I was riding my bike home from the beach wearing only my swim trunks and flip flops.  My favorite route took me through a wilderness area dense with eucalyptus trees. The narrow asphalt bike trail had plenty of small clearings along the side.   The thought was to take a detour like I have done before, then leave the bike in the bushes. Choosing the easy on and off elastic waist swim trunks allowed quick removal and on.  Careful to make sure I was alone I am naked in a instant scanning the area before walking down the path. At first staying close to where I stashed my trunks then gradually  became intoxicated by the thrill of walking further and further down the path. The more distant I put between me and my clothes increased the thrill and excitement. Just consumed with this erotic game pushing far from my trunks I lost my bearings unaware of exactly how far I had gone. That is when behind me, back towards the direction where I had come, the sound of women voices, faint at first, then approaching fast.  Then,  2 women in their early 20’s appeared between me and my clothes. I panicked, tried to find anything to duck and hide behind,  but quickly realized that there was no where to go. Quickly coming towards me,   saw me from a distance, then stopping. My predicament produced a swarm of pleasure so intense.  I heard them laugh and whisper to each other but I could not understand what they said. Then they continued to walk towards me . Getting to my clothes was critical, leaving me with the only option but walk passed them . I was so embarrassed when they asked me  “did you lose something?” followed by snickering and giggles.  “Your shorts are back there where your left your bike”, they blurted. I was speechless and blushing all shades of red.  I was naked outdoors , I was caught,  I felt humiliated.  Yet, a sensation of pins and needles,  a strange inner arousal, penis throbbing wildly as I walk hurriedly .  The swelling between my legs persisted ,  heading home fast as I could ride.  Slamming the door behind me, my hand caressing and stroking it,  eager to satisfy myself, it seemed bigger, much harder. After squirting cum all over myself I was ready to cum again. Masturbating several times into the evening.

naked all day


Artist Model Needed: exhibitionist preferred, required to be naked in a public setting for many hours a day.    Position Filleddk4u

When I become aroused on the model stand the more I think about making my penis relax. It has the opposite effect , causing a throbbing engorged sensation.