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Shared Experience

I left my pajamas on the ground behind the ac condenser , my erection stiffened.    I was acting on a insatiable desire to be naked in public. My heart raced, a shortness of breath. The moment I heard the side yard gate latch behind me my already swollen penis filled my inner groin this pleased me so. The space between the house next door and ours was without landscaping.  Nothing to hide behind not even a blade of grass.  I delighted in my total nakedness in full eyesight of pedestrians. My enjoyment surged when the first eyes on me turned away, then returned for second peek of the spectacle. Just less than a solosexualminute another viewer stopped for a moment then grinned and continued on.  Everyone that walked by saw me.   I went on with my day. Having no time to masturbate till the afternoon. I pleasured myself,  climaxing again, and again with those first eyes  on me in my thoughts.