A Pleasant Discovery

A pleasant discovery I had made climbing up a peg board at school. The entire P.E. class gathered below urging me to keep going I pushed harder than usual.  In an instant I gasped, then, closed my eyes frozen in place.  Now I heard off  in the distance shouting for me to get down so the next person can try.  Ignoring them  to savour  the  pleasure I was told by a friend later I was up there 2 or 3 minutes.  I could stop thinking about what had happened.  I could not stop trying to repeat what happened.  Climbing was the key to it I concluded.

Eager to experience this again,  in my free time, the focus was climbing poles.  But that was not working, so, I  would go out into the forest riding my motorcycle . This included finding skinny trees with smooth bark ,  taking off all my clothes , naked.  No could ever find out what I was doing.   I was doing it ,  so amazing , my new hobby.  The struggle was always needed to achieve my special gift,  which I thought only I possessed . Sometimes I would climb as high as 12 feet trying to get the tickle to start in my groin. It would take numerous tries before I felt anything. But , once I felt I was getting close it became a frenzy ,  a struggle to obtain the climax.  The point of no return is what I called this.  I enjoyed being naked, it added to the sensations.  I was so far in the middle of nowhere,  never seen anyone this far out.

Surprise,  A young lady walking her dog was on the path below me I had no choice but to stay clinging to the skinny flimsy tree when I noticed she had not looked up. Stopping directly below me curious about my bike I see her scan the area as I am straining to cling to the tree. I held my breath and closed my eyes motionless hanging there naked I struggled. As she began to move past me glancing at the bike again, looked at my clothes laying on the ground,  then continued down the path.  That was a close call I thought to myself.  After a short rest I can resume,  I could feel the tickle inside starting to develop.  Carefully I slide down to the ground. Checking on my bike and clothes, they were just as I left them.  I thought, how suspicious they appeared leaving someone to conclude that someone is naked out here.  I would pay no more concern about it and began fondling my stiffness.  In an instant I am shimmying up the tree again regaining the tickle inside where I left off.  Slowly climbing, my thighs raised clinching in and out in a continuous rhythm  in a relentless attempt to get over the top.  I am in my own world, eyes shut, letting out a soft moan. My whole body quickly building up and my penis surged and contracted then I ejaculated, shooting my hot load with intensity I never felt before, and kept on and on , I could hear my ejaculate hitting the dry leaves below.  I could not hold on any longer, after another amazing contraction semen dripped as I worked my way down the skinny tree, arms and legs shaking from fatigue.  Leaning on the tree to catch my breath I notice a movement out of the corner of my eye.  To my surprise, I see the young woman and her dog appearing from behind a bush no more than 50 feet away   walking briskly down the path.  I never expected to ever be found out, I worry if this person was someone I knew.