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Can I be fired for that?


When I climbed on to the model stand naked for the first time I had to concentrate on not getting aroused, I was successful but it was not easy . I focused on providing assortments of gesture poses and longer poses that showed emotion and were interesting to draw. My confidence in my abilities was high. My ability to ward off spontaneous erections the moment I felt the stirring inside. That all changed while posing for anatomy class, of all times. While standing on a box and students enthusiastically huddled around me as the professor identified the external structures of the male reproductive organs using a pointer. This was far different than what I was used to in drawing classes. I felt cool morning draft from the open window when I felt a tingle, my scrotum tightening , no , not now. I was developing a erection and I could do nothing to stop it. Within seconds, my penis was lurching furiously to the beat of my heart which I could actually hear. I closed my eyes, blushing, I thought, I am fired I know it. To my surprise I heard the professor say oh, wonderful, here we can see the significant changes during arousal. Note the tightening of the scrotum as the penis prepares for ejaculation . With all students eyes on me, as they studied every detail I was at a level of arousal that I had never been before. The sensations of intense pleasure rippled through me. It felt like my whole body was in a state of arousal not just my genitals. I wondered what I looked like standing there  enjoying the situation but I put that out of my mind. I felt the humiliation but it seemed to be part of why I liked this so much. I did not want this to end.  I thought to myself, I can deal with this, I continued the pose even when I felt flow of pre-cum flooding my urethra. When time was up I opened my eyes and looked down to my erection and the cluster of students surrounding me.  I was looking for a path to the dressing room but there was none.  I had to say excuse me to get the group to step aside. My erection bouncing as I walked naked to the dressing room door and went in.  I began pleasuring myself trying not to make a sound.  I could hear mention of the model  from the classroom I loved it  Hot semen squirt into my towel.                                                                             

Are you naked , Yet?

Being the only one naked in a classroom or  art studio can be stimulating in more than one way.  During the early morning classes after I have taken the first longer pose is when I am visited by the model coordinator.  Most always a TA would fill this job.  A light knock at the door, then she peeks her head in, looks at me,  then with a gracious smile quietly  walks up to me and whispers in my ear about having some cancellations.  Could I fill in?  I always say yes.  Then with a smile and a “thanks”  she turns to the artists, who are in a tight circle, apologizes for the disturbance.   9 out of 10 times I am experiencing spontaneous

intense erections that come and go.  Mostly in a full arousal state during this time.  She is not effected by this at all and begins to browse and mingle.  I blush a little when my erection stiffens and intensifies as she chats with friend about her drawing. This scenario has me in a buzz.  Precum floods my urethra, my heart rate increases.  I just close my eyes and hold the pose.    After she is gone I get some smiles and grins from some artists.

        Somehow I have found a path from only in my dreams to real life.  Searching for outlet,  a safe place where I am encouraged to express myself.  In the structured classroom full of artists  staring at my naked body,  studying every detail.  The bright lights placed for the best view.  I thrive off the creative passion that fills the  studio.  Like a match made in heaven,    taking off my clothes for them works for me.

Loosing My Clothes

I love to be naked outdoors.   It is so stimulating. In the past I was incredibly gutsy when  I felt the urge to get naked. One summer I was riding my bike home from the beach wearing only my swim trunks and flip flops. My route took me through a wilderness area dense with eucalyptus trees. The narrow asphalt bike trail had plenty of small clearings along the side I pull off the trail and park my bike.    My idea was to leave my bike out of view  and drop my swim trunks .     Sliding them down to my ankles and kicking them off  leaving them where they landed ,under a bush, before walking down the path.   At first, I was  staying close to where I stashed my trunks.  Encouraged by the deserted nature of the area I started   walking further and further down the path, my body was buzzing with excitement.  Not  realizing I was so far from my trunks I lost sight of the area.  A nervous rush of arousal and butterflies  in my abdomen, I can feel my erection stiffen and my heart race the more distance I put between me and where I left my shorts.  I was feeling vulnerable ,  began fondling myself as I walked.    Then from behind me I heard women voices. The sound of 2 woman  in their early 20’s appeared between me and my clothes. I panicked, but quickly realized that there was nowhere to hide. They saw me from a distance stopped and I heard them laugh and whisper to each other. Then they continued to walk towards me leaving me with no option but walk passed them . I was so embarrassed when they  teasingly asked me “did you lose something?”. I was speechless and blushing , my penis bouncing with each step walking passed them with the most intense erection I had ever had.

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Mile High Flash

Summer break, a day at a concert with friends,  forced exposed genitals resulting in intense sexual arousal.   I decided to share this unique experience to possibly get some feedback and insight from others that had like experiences.  Imagine  how it felt when the humiliation reached a turning point, when embarrassment and dread suddenly was the very thing that excited me.   I  still masturbate  while remembering the details being naked in  public,  many times during an outing to a concert at a high profile stadium in Denver. A A group of friends and I were driving to Wisconsin  for the summer, staying a few days in ….  I had not packed much planning to purchase what I needed once I got to my destination.  Our route took us through a large college town visiting friends. We  jumped at the invitation to spend the day  for this concert. Weather was going to be hot and dry, so it was shorts , tshirt and flip-flops. Since I had not packed these items in my travel bag, my female companion provided what I needed. I put them on and I was laughing about how short, yet loose-fitting the cut off  Levis were small and tight the t-shirt was. “I can’t wear this” I protested. We were running late so nobody was hearing me. Before I knew it I was in the car with nothing more than Levi cut-offs ,t-shirt and flip-flops. No underwear with these shorts meant my penis and balls and anus would be flying in the wind. I was already feeling my penis getting hard with nothing to contain it. My balls and anus on the cool leather seats , o h my god , I am in for it today. We parked the car and as I clamored out the back seat my full  package tight balls and all shown in the bright morning sun and timing could not have been planned any better, or worse.  I didn’t go unnoticed by the throngs of concert goers unloading from cars and congregating.  The only thing I had going for me was I was surrounded by my peers with more liberal attitudes generally.     Standing in line in the parking lot to enter the gate I could see and feel the glances and stares I was getting from all sides.  My attempts to get more coverage out of the  daisy dukes cutoff -levis by wearing them lower on my waist failed.  I could not keep my hard cock concealed and this only excited me more . I only wanted to get to our seats.  I never thought this would actually happen, except only in my fantasies.  A  fantasy where I am forced to be totally naked in public by circumstance I have no control over,  drive my masturbation sessions to climax/ejaculation .     I was a closet  exhibitionist until this weekend. Now everyone knew the truth.  My predicament continued for the next 5 hours. No place to hide. No privacy to get some release, there was just nowhere to go. Like , I was stuck in my own personal  twilight zone.   

mmm..I love the way it feels when it is erect.
mmm..I love the way it feels when it is erect.

Exhibitionism in the art studio-Relaxed and Natural


Model Comment:

The human body is beautiful.  This model , at least one pose will be with erection.  When I started working as a figure model I put a lot of effort into suppressing spontaneous erections.  I learned  that trying to control  a  physical response (arousal) with the mind always backfired.   The results would be a  lasting vigorous erection.  Relaxed and natural allowing an erection to happen and not be  embarrassed. I revel in the pleasure moving from full-blown erection to semi erect to flaccid, then semi erect and so on.


Artist Comment:

There was a male model who came to our class , who was prominently aroused for the majority of the time he posed (almost three hours), and he had one of the most beautiful bodies (and erections!) I’ve ever seen. He was obviously comfortable in his own skin, and just as obviously (make that Obviously, with a capital O) “comfortable” with the idea of being on display

naked all day


Artist Model Needed: exhibitionist preferred, required to be naked in a public setting for many hours a day.    Position Filleddk4u

When I become aroused on the model stand the more I think about making my penis relax. It has the opposite effect , causing a throbbing engorged sensation.