Pleasure Pole

exhibitionist fantasy

I had my first orgasm while climbing a pole outdoors. The pleasure was so intense I wanted to do it more. At times of boredom a naughty streak would come out with kinky thoughts.  It was common to become aroused with just the thought of it.    Was  going to the park on weekends, evenings, and during the summer, taking advantage of the many poles there, and the practicly deserted athletic field grounds. Spending hours there I experiment with different poles and began to do it naked. I would have an orgasm and stand there with my penis throbbing for a min or 2 then climb and shimmy to have another. On days when I was not the only one on the grounds .  I would wait ,  sometimes for several hours for them to leave so I could do my climbing.   Warm summer nights were challenging because it seemed everyone was out and about.    Getting  naked outdoors without getting caught while most poles were in wide open areas serving as sign posts fence post etc.   Finding a pole  in an area where, even though public,  had  the lowest chance of being seen.  Being able to shed my clothes quickly became a priority.  The desired wardrobe was flip flops ,  gym shorts without underwear and a tshirt.  At the right moment I could be naked and pulling myself up a pole  when I was not the only one there, dropping my clothes at my feet, gambling that I would not be noticed, was an option.