Like, Naked

I leave early to prevent the possibility of getting bogged down in rush hour traffic.   Arriving  at the university well before I am scheduled to step on stage naked.  A trip to the snack bar for a cup of coffee can be relaxing after the rush of the morning. I had already visited the studio where I would be subject of study.  The room was designed perfectly with high ceilings and multiple spot lights trained to the center platform.  Larger than average classroom.  Artist easels  clustered tightly around the model stand and carefully positioned for an unobstructed view of the model.  Butterflies in my stomach mixed with feelings of arousal swirled through me. Finishing my coffee,  It was time to head back to the studio but I stayed seated to allow my erection to ease.   I was wearing sweat pants without underwear for quick removal when the time came.Not good for concealing an unruly penis.  When I got to the studio I was greeted by the TA and was briefed on the lineup of poses I was to do.  Most of the time I would be standing in a static pose with arms to my side .  It was time to make my entrance. The anatomy professor introduced me to the class and gave me a nod.  At that point I remove my t-shirt and drop the sweat pants. All eyes are on me while I pull each leg out take the first step up into the spotlights. I can feel alive.