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Like, Naked

I leave early to prevent the possibility of getting bogged down in rush hour traffic.   Arriving  at the university well before I am scheduled to step on stage naked.  A trip to the snack bar for a cup of coffee can be relaxing after the rush of the morning. I had already visited the studio where I would be subject of study.  The room was designed perfectly with high ceilings and multiple spot lights trained to the center platform.  Larger than average classroom.  Artist easels  clustered tightly around the model stand and carefully positioned for an unobstructed view of the model.  Butterflies in my stomach mixed with feelings of arousal swirled through me. Finishing my coffee,  It was time to head back to the studio but I stayed seated to allow my erection to ease.   I was wearing sweat pants without underwear for quick removal when the time came.Not good for concealing an unruly penis.  When I got to the studio I was greeted by the TA and was briefed on the lineup of poses I was to do.  Most of the time I would be standing in a static pose with arms to my side .  It was time to make my entrance. The anatomy professor introduced me to the class and gave me a nod.  At that point I remove my t-shirt and drop the sweat pants. All eyes are on me while I pull each leg out take the first step up into the spotlights. I can feel alive.

Naked Again Erection in Public Place

It was my first time working at a university and the idea thrilled me.  Driving directions, parking passes, finding the fine arts department, instructors, studios, etc.. The first time on campus for me was confusing and a little intimidating but I stayed focused  as to not be late for my appointment to take off my clothes and stand on a pedestal so  I may be viewed totally naked.  As I approached the off ramp to exit the freeway I had a few butterflies mixed in with the overall state of arousal I was feeling .  I had an erection since leaving home.  Entering the studio I was briefed on the poses and length of times by the TA, and then was on my own.  I searched for a dressing room or closet and there was none.  There was a foyer that was the entrance to this studio so I thought to undress there and stash my clothes behind a cabinet.  There was also a row of sinks for studio uses.  I was ready to make my entrance.  Entering the studio is the most intense experience because being the model for the day ,  the subject of study,  every student has their eyes on me .  Watching how I walk ,  my movement,  looking at my feet and hands.  Some start sketching me even before I take the stage.  I am hired for this purpose, I can expect no privacy while in the studio.  I like walking in and without  pausing I am  naked before I make eye contact with anyone.   I walked in, found the stage,   dropping my robe as I stepped up to begin my first gesture pose.  30 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour.  no problem.  This is when I check the audience and notice the individual concentration each student has.  Some look only at my penis. it is so obvious.  Not a problem for me,  look all you want at anything on my body is openly on display for you.  When class was over I made my way to the room I used as a dressing room.  Closed the door behind me thinking how well things went.  I removed my robe stuffing it into my gym bag and turning to the sinks to wash my feet.  I was enjoying a sensuous   feeling ,  a tension after 4 hours of stimulation.  I fondled my half erect penis while beginning to wash my feet when I heard noises coming from all  around.  I was startled to see 4 doors open at once and the quiet room I was in was suddenly packed with students leaving classes ending .  A stream of student artists flowed 3 lanes wide like traffic on the interstate, tip to tail, bumper to bumper.  My clothes were across the way behind a cabinet out of reach.  My robe somewhere down stream.  I was without options except to stand there naked.  As embarrassing as this was,  I could do nothing but wait it out by the sink , unable to hide my now fully erect penis.  I felt the buzz of arousal increasing , with  my heart rate and respiration elevated  , a noticeable surge in rigidity of my penis seemed to defy gravity curving  almost straight up I glance down noticing a sparkle of precum all within a few seconds.  ” Oh my god,”    I had no where  to hide from view my  hard pulsating penis from the 75 or so art students  within a few inches from where I stood. Every time I raised my head to see if I could scoot across I only the startled faces with wide eyes looking  down to my swollen penis then  a quick eye contact.  The hallway  echoed with chatter about the naked guy with snickers and remarks about how obvious it was that I was enjoying myself. I was in no position to deny it, as the erotic nature of my predicament played in to my exhibitionist core.  A few chuckles and giggles ,Oh my god.  he is naked, Oh my god.  did you see that?  he has a hard on.   That must be one of the models I heard one person say. A lot of things went through my mind as I wrestled the bundle of clothes from behind the cabinet, getting home topped the list. Heading to the parking structure, I walked slowly  analysing what just happened.  I tried to conceal my erection as I walked.   I headed  straight home , the drive home was less hectic then the drive to the University.  Arriving home with one thing on my mind.   Locking the dead bolt behind me I quickly threw off my clothes on my way to the night stand drawer  grabbed my lube laying back naked again, on my bed.   With delightful anticipation I fondled my genitals with my left hand how wonderful the feeling it was.   I was surprised to hear myself let out a quiet moan as I applied the personal lube to my swollen penis.  Keeping  my phone close by in case of a call for me to model and get naked again in public. With this experience fresh in my mind,  I masturbated many times for the rest  of the afternoon.     Not sure what the demand would be for my services in my new-found trade. The construction jobs I worked full speed, sneaking away to 1 or 2 times a week to model.  That quickly changed excepting every booking  focusing on my new interest.  The best days are when I naked from 8-12, 1-4, 5-9 pm.  The pay is less than I am used to,  more cost in gas, I am ok with that.  The amount I spend on lube has quadrupled.  I discovered  studio storage rooms are available if requested.

endlessly titillating

I was interested in experiencing being a nude model. I realized this was something I fantasized about as long as I can remember .  An arrangement that would serve as an outlet for my exhibitionist streak.    Thoughts of being the only one naked in an Art Studio/classroom,  on a stage.  For me this would be endlessly  titillating and fulfilling. I began to educate myself of the requirements, talents, poses to be a good model. Contacting Fine Arts Departments at several schools. I submitted a few photos of me posing along with the application.  I was not booked yet, any day  I could expect a call.    The call came and I was starting to fill my calendar . Everything went as expected for  a few weeks.  I was so very self-conscious, but, that eventually changed to feelings of confidence.  I was  suppressing feelings of arousal and the first stages of erection without a problem.  I passed the test.  I was in total control, this was great.  I pulled it off and it felt good.  I excepted all bookings.  After posing for  a class many times friendly interactions and a less formal atmosphere develops.  On this particular day I arrived a few minutes late, but quickly undressed behind a row of unused easels and was on the stage just as the critique ended.  I was instructed to take a standing pose leaning on a pole with weight to one leg and face the class.  I was feeling relaxed and took a loose pose waiting for the signal to start.   The murmur of the discussion taking place at the other end of the studio was drowned out by a sudden commotion.  It reminded me of a huddle in a football game exploding apart with a ready, break.   The group expanded across the room.  I was the center of attention suddenly.   The sound of drawing  benches,  students straddling their benches and supplies, scooting, shuffling and dragging themselves across the studio to where I stood naked.  One minute I was quietly alone off in the corner, the next I had the  attention of  enthusiastic art students in a race to grab the front row.  I felt the first of a few drafts , breezes  of cool air across my body. All my senses were awakened and I mean all my senses.  This time was different,  a swirling sensation was my scrotum tightening at the same time   I felt a strong swelling throbbing erection building fast.   Within seconds  my penis  was fully engorged .  Pulsating wildly,  stiff like never before ,  I waited..   I was going to take a break then realized the class continued to draw what they saw requiring erasures as the pose had changed. I was blushing, I was abuzz  with arousal.  The feeling of humiliation increased and so did the pleasure that persisted for the rest of the day.