Orgasm by Humiliation

Typically I avoid driving during rush hour, but today was different.  The  drive was not a long one,  but likely to be a slow crawl, even the bumper to bumper almost gridlock near downtown I excepted.  Artist’s  are always in need of live models draped and non-draped. (Non-draped only )is indicated in my profile in Studio Resources.  Driven by a desire to put myself in scenarios  that were once  only of wet dreams and  masturbation fantasies     I daydream of recent  experiences  in the idle time.  Upon exiting the freeway  I began to feel a nervous arousal,  a stirring inside,  knowing I would be totally naked on display in a matter of minutes.   I derive so much enjoyment from this it is amazing to me.  I think about how the groups I pose for and what they think of me.  The special times when the noisy restless atmosphere of the studio suddenly goes quiet when a twitch at first then my scrotum rolls  tight.   A intense throbbing persists pushing harder.  Only whispers I hear once all are aware of what was happening on stage.   I close my eyes feelings of humiliation seem to add fuel to the fire.  I deal with that, motionless for minute after minute under the bright warm lights.  I want this to last.  Not everyone that reads my story will understand. I  know some will.

I expose myself in a way, so revealing, providing most of those present with a clear view.  Ij am blushing with feelings of humiliation as I set myself up for when  arousal happens it would be impossible to settle down. In few minutes with no place to hide the classroom becomes quiet. So quiet, I was sure everyone could hear my heart  pumping strong. I held the pose even though I could feel my penis , swelling and pushing in length,  head engorged more than ever.  Pre-cum flooded my urethra , pooling,  shimmering in the light as it flowed from the tip.  I stayed in the pose ,   opening my eyes to see all eyes studying my body , the witnesses of my deviance.  Around me , whispers , quiet chatter, full attention .  My entire body felt of pins and needles times ten when the first release of hot semen shot up landing on my shoulder, then chest,  repeatedly , never had I experienced such glorious pleasure.  I had not a concern what I would do after I ejaculated on myself in class on stage .  An awkwardness feeling about  my sexuality.