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Orgasm by Humiliation

Typically I avoid driving during rush hour, but today was different.  The  drive was not a long one,  but likely to be a slow crawl, even the bumper to bumper almost gridlock near downtown I excepted.  Artist’s  are always in need of live models draped and non-draped. (Non-draped only )is indicated in my profile in Studio Resources.  Driven by a desire to put myself in scenarios  that were once  only of wet dreams and  masturbation fantasies     I daydream of recent  experiences  in the idle time.  Upon exiting the freeway  I began to feel a nervous arousal,  a stirring inside,  knowing I would be totally naked on display in a matter of minutes.   I derive so much enjoyment from this it is amazing to me.  I think about how the groups I pose for and what they think of me.  The special times when the noisy restless atmosphere of the studio suddenly goes quiet when a twitch at first then my scrotum rolls  tight.   A intense throbbing persists pushing harder.  Only whispers I hear once all are aware of what was happening on stage.   I close my eyes feelings of humiliation seem to add fuel to the fire.  I deal with that, motionless for minute after minute under the bright warm lights.  I want this to last.  Not everyone that reads my story will understand. I  know some will.

I expose myself in a way, so revealing, providing most of those present with a clear view.  Ij am blushing with feelings of humiliation as I set myself up for when  arousal happens it would be impossible to settle down. In few minutes with no place to hide the classroom becomes quiet. So quiet, I was sure everyone could hear my heart  pumping strong. I held the pose even though I could feel my penis , swelling and pushing in length,  head engorged more than ever.  Pre-cum flooded my urethra , pooling,  shimmering in the light as it flowed from the tip.  I stayed in the pose ,   opening my eyes to see all eyes studying my body , the witnesses of my deviance.  Around me , whispers , quiet chatter, full attention .  My entire body felt of pins and needles times ten when the first release of hot semen shot up landing on my shoulder, then chest,  repeatedly , never had I experienced such glorious pleasure.  I had not a concern what I would do after I ejaculated on myself in class on stage .  An awkwardness feeling about  my sexuality.

Modeling Nude … Just What I Wanted

I was a senior in high school was interested in ceramics and throwing pots on the wheel. A friend and I were also enrolled in a few classes at the local college of art and design. My friend was taking life drawing and I was so intrigued with the idea of posing naked in front of a classroom full of people. I could not stop thinking about it and eventually began asking questions and even going to the library to read up on life drawing and what it takes to become a nude model. At first I was doubtful that I would actually be hired to pose, having no experience or drawing and painting background. I knew I wanted to do it so I joined a gym , started familiarizing myself with different poses, and the terminology. I would fantasize about what it would feel like to be on stage naked and this would always lead to me getting an erection on the stage. Just the thought of it aroused me and fueled my masturbation sessions. Fearing being terminated if I was showing signs that I enjoyed it as much as I did I planned how I would keep myself from getting an erection.. When I felt I was ready to go to work I applied at 1 school and was put on the list of  male models willing to pose nude.  The Life Drawing instructor would call me in about 2 weeks  with some bookings.   I had done it.  I was one step away from realizing  my desire to be naked in a public setting.   At home early , one thing on my mind, I threw off my clothes , grabbed my bottle of astro glide from my nightstand .  A message on my voice mail, I was needed to fill in for a  last-minute cancellation .  I was to meet the TA at the studio at 6 this evening.. I excepted the booking and was so nervous and excited at the same time. To ease into it and I felt not thinking about it in a sexual way was all that I had to do to keep from getting an erection. The first time I stepped on the platform naked I had to mentally focus to suppress my penis from getting out of control. I think the cool night air and bright lights on my naked body made it very difficult to control yet I was able to. I was successful for the next three classes and was confident my method to controlling erections from developing was one that worked every time. I had filled my calendar with new bookings at several colleges and everything was going as planned. The feelings of embarrassment were fading with each session. The next class started as usual with half hour of quick gesture poses to warm up the students. Then the instructor told me we would have one pose  that would span the rest of the class time and proceeded to set me up in a pose of her liking. Seated in a lounge chair slouching back creating a challenge in drawing foreshortening . When I was just right she marked my position on the chair with chalk. Reference points I could use get into the same posture after a break. The pose was going fine, then five minutes into it I was feeling some stirrings in my lower abdomen. Like before I mentally suppressed it and was relaxed again. After taking a break I regained my position in the pose and drawing resumed. A few minutes into the pose I felt some stirrings of arousal again, but, this time is was different. Before I could take a deep breath and mentally suppress any feeling of arousal my penis was lurching into full-blown erection. The studio went silent, all chit chat stopped.  I was caught off guard at this point I was not sure what to do. I am fired I know it, I thought to myself. I close my eyes and try to think it away with opposite effect. This attempt to regain control only added fuel to the fire and was futile. It seemed  my entire body was throbbing .  I was expecting to hear the instructors intervening words. I only heard the sounds of erasers on paper and of charcoal drawing on paper. I thought of stopping the pose then I heard a student ask the instructor for some help with her drawing. The instructor and the student analyzed,checked and measured, stood back and viewed me just as normal. All the while I was struggling to control my erection which was surging totally out of control.  My breathing turned heavy  , I stayed that way till break turning  all shades of red feeling embarrassed of the obvious amount of pleasure I was getting out of my predicament. I was surprised that after I broke for break and the class partially emptied out I still could not make my erection go away. With nothing but my bathrobe on I stayed on the model platform the whole break. I expected to be fired, but was not. I was expecting to be asked to calm down, but was not. I was still erect when I was placing myself according to the chalk marks and I was coached into the final position by the students in the front aligning my position with what they had on paper. It might be difficult for some people to understand , the level of pleasure I feel ,lasting all day and into the night. Even after posing with an erection most of the 3 hours. I was asked to come back and even got some compliments about my modeling . The male body is natural in all forms and I found that my body in an aroused state is beautiful and worthy of being drawn. I am more relaxed in my modeling sessions  (less nervous) and when erections happen the only thing that changes is the drawings.

Like, Naked

I leave early to prevent the possibility of getting bogged down in rush hour traffic.   Arriving  at the university well before I am scheduled to step on stage naked.  A trip to the snack bar for a cup of coffee can be relaxing after the rush of the morning. I had already visited the studio where I would be subject of study.  The room was designed perfectly with high ceilings and multiple spot lights trained to the center platform.  Larger than average classroom.  Artist easels  clustered tightly around the model stand and carefully positioned for an unobstructed view of the model.  Butterflies in my stomach mixed with feelings of arousal swirled through me. Finishing my coffee,  It was time to head back to the studio but I stayed seated to allow my erection to ease.   I was wearing sweat pants without underwear for quick removal when the time came.Not good for concealing an unruly penis.  When I got to the studio I was greeted by the TA and was briefed on the lineup of poses I was to do.  Most of the time I would be standing in a static pose with arms to my side .  It was time to make my entrance. The anatomy professor introduced me to the class and gave me a nod.  At that point I remove my t-shirt and drop the sweat pants. All eyes are on me while I pull each leg out take the first step up into the spotlights. I can feel alive.

Model Needed

 to pose nude erectstage.jpg

You found a job posting  that said “Life Drawing Model Needed” It said that you must be comfortable with being nude in front of art students. You were a little intrigued. Could you handle being so exposed in front of strangers? You decide to try it.´´´

When you arrive in my art class, the teacher gives you a robe and asks you to take off all of your clothes and come back wearing the robe. Me and the other art students set up our easels facing the center of the room. You come back wearing only the robe and the teacher places you, and adjusts the lights. She tells you that it is time to take off the robe. You hesitate for a moment and then the exhibitionist in you comes out and you let it drop to the ground. All eyes are on you and your cock. I am gazing at the long, thick smooth cock  imagining what it would feel like in my mouth.

I looked up at you and you were looking right back at me. f0e232c730f3fb4df2bbdf1ea9610cf11I smiled and I noticed your cock twitched a bit and started to grow. The exhibitionist in me wanted to go to you drop to my knees and give you what we both could feel you want.  Joining the class from my moment of lust, we all drew you as you stood in the hot lights. We looked intensely at every part of your body.  Your pubic hair completely removed was a nice surprise, and I really like it that way. I could tell how much you were enjoying being naked, pre cum was flowing from your cock  I felt hot and a my panties were getting wet.

Finally it was time for a break. I asked you if I could come with you into the dressing closet. Before you put your clothes on, I told you to sit down. I separated your legs and took your cock into my hands. I licked the head of your cock and slowly put it into my mouth. You pushed my head closer and shoved your cock deep down my throat. As you pulled out, you came all over my chest.

We laughed and were both much more relaxed as we went back into the classroom. I sure hope you come pose for my class again!

endlessly titillating

I was interested in experiencing being a nude model. I realized this was something I fantasized about as long as I can remember .  An arrangement that would serve as an outlet for my exhibitionist streak.    Thoughts of being the only one naked in an Art Studio/classroom,  on a stage.  For me this would be endlessly  titillating and fulfilling. I began to educate myself of the requirements, talents, poses to be a good model. Contacting Fine Arts Departments at several schools. I submitted a few photos of me posing along with the application.  I was not booked yet, any day  I could expect a call.    The call came and I was starting to fill my calendar . Everything went as expected for  a few weeks.  I was so very self-conscious, but, that eventually changed to feelings of confidence.  I was  suppressing feelings of arousal and the first stages of erection without a problem.  I passed the test.  I was in total control, this was great.  I pulled it off and it felt good.  I excepted all bookings.  After posing for  a class many times friendly interactions and a less formal atmosphere develops.  On this particular day I arrived a few minutes late, but quickly undressed behind a row of unused easels and was on the stage just as the critique ended.  I was instructed to take a standing pose leaning on a pole with weight to one leg and face the class.  I was feeling relaxed and took a loose pose waiting for the signal to start.   The murmur of the discussion taking place at the other end of the studio was drowned out by a sudden commotion.  It reminded me of a huddle in a football game exploding apart with a ready, break.   The group expanded across the room.  I was the center of attention suddenly.   The sound of drawing  benches,  students straddling their benches and supplies, scooting, shuffling and dragging themselves across the studio to where I stood naked.  One minute I was quietly alone off in the corner, the next I had the  attention of  enthusiastic art students in a race to grab the front row.  I felt the first of a few drafts , breezes  of cool air across my body. All my senses were awakened and I mean all my senses.  This time was different,  a swirling sensation was my scrotum tightening at the same time   I felt a strong swelling throbbing erection building fast.   Within seconds  my penis  was fully engorged .  Pulsating wildly,  stiff like never before ,  I waited..   I was going to take a break then realized the class continued to draw what they saw requiring erasures as the pose had changed. I was blushing, I was abuzz  with arousal.  The feeling of humiliation increased and so did the pleasure that persisted for the rest of the day.