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My erection stiffens with intensity, then for while, relax a little.

I am totally naked on a small platform or stage. This scenario I have pursued. I fantasize about being on display totally naked as long as I can remember.rel

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I left my pajamas on the ground behind the ac condenser , my erection stiffened.    I was acting on a insatiable desire to be naked in public. My heart raced, a shortness of breath. The moment I heard the side yard gate latch behind me my already swollen penis filled my inner groin this pleased me so. The space between the house next door and ours was without landscaping.  Nothing to hide behind not even a blade of grass.  I delighted in my total nakedness in full eyesight of pedestrians. My enjoyment surged when the first eyes on me turned away, then returned for second peek of the spectacle. Just less than a minute another viewer stopped for a moment then grinned and continued on.  Everyone that walked by saw me.   I went on with my day. Having no time to masturbate till the afternoon. I pleasured myself,  climaxing again, and again with those first eyes  on me in my thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                                     

I pose nude for life drawing classes : IAmA

Did I orgasm the first time? Or any other time? The first time I could have and nervously was on the edge, but did not. Other times, extremely excited for extended times. I had my first desires to or, experiences of exposure at 6 years old. An average guy can pose if you can hold the poses and be creative without inhibition. A majority of the sessions poses come from the model, for example gesture poses or warm ups are a string of quick poses that are from your own creative expression

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Exhibitionist Short shorts Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland
Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cottage was walking distance to the beach, so beautiful, I never took the layed back beachbum lifestyle  for granted.  Moving from a far inland farming town to the beach was incredible.  I was nine.  I was slow to really feel comfortable practically living in my swim trunks, flip flops and a sometimes a teeshirt .  It  is interesting to look back at some experiences and circumstances  that I found myself in.   Carefree and spontaneos, alot of spare time.  Just graduated middle school.  A heat wave was upon us everyone was at the beach except me.  Not that I did not want to be, just had some distractions.  I was finding myself becomming aroused for no reason ,  then fleeting thoughts about walking to the beach completely naked.  That one really got me going.   Without really thinking or planning I walked out of the house wearing very little.  I had a pair of shorts I wore around the house but never outside because they were short loose fitting,  without any underwear  I would never go outside wearing them.   Until that day,  now I find myself walking down the side of the highway a short distance when I would turn left toward a secluded cove .  Just locals mostly .  Beach volley is popular with 2 nets on the sand.   I had been playing there recently with some friends.   Walking toward the beach a cool breeze was swirling through the terry clothe shorts I was wearing and as my erection grew I realized there was not enough clothe .   I was lucky to be early rushing toward the courts and laying down on the warm sand my problem was solved for now.  I was feeling a rush and my stomach raced  I felt so naked like my fantasy.  It was perfect far from home with out my clothes  the more people came the more excited I became, and the more nervous.  Then I was surprised to see 3 young ladies a couple years younger than I.  They are part of the volleyball crowd.  I have just been spotted and I felt like dying when they walked to where I was .  Did not say anything about my sheer ultra shorts.  They  start to warm up ,  this indicates teams have been picked and apparently I am on one of them. Oh my, I am thinking I have taken things too far.  In my fantasy world this is heading right where I want it to go.  Reality?  could it really be?   I convince myself I could play subdued and stretch the shorts longer.  I stood up and to my surprise no reaction,  like ,  oh yeah,  pretty daring there bud.  The game starts normal then 3 more girls setting up their beach chairs at courtside. My partner is giving me perfect sets for me spike the ball.  Thinking I have stretched the shorts enough, then ,  truth, not.  I tried to spike it over emphisizing my upper body movements to divert their focus upwards away from my shorts.  The result was a complete wardrobe failure(Not) catching a wind gust. I glanced to see every eye looking down at  my  penis.  Keeping my cool , a quick peek , Humiliated , embarrased,  swirling in pleasure at the same time. This was unbelievable,  everyone was watching not talking.  listening toThe sound of the surf break and the sound of my heart b eat.

Exhibitionist desires

Exhibitionist Shares

dard How someone could willfully undress completely naked for detailed study by groups of strangers.  For most people the idea of being naked in public is a subject of nightmares.  For some, the opposite is true.  An exhibitionist would consider this a fantasy come true.  exhibitionist desire to expose themselves, and must find acceptable outlets to express themselves.  My favorite university to pose over time has me as their go to guy when models cancel.  Calls from the studio resources are  frequent.  Excepting every offer to fill in calendar.  My popularity with instructors, art students, the department is up.  .  Maintaining a good work ethic or being reliable along with a strong performance on the model stand, counteracts any concerns about my chronic state of arousal.  From  sculpture, painting ,life drawing and especially anatomy.  Where instruction focuses on my erection as an opportunity to study male anatomy in an aroused state  .  At the start of the school year , straight out of high school freshman are clued in on what to expect. To be continued…