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sexual arousal when being naked in front of people

Exhibitionist Preferred

After graduating from High School I enrolled in some art classes at the community college.  I was intrigued at the fact that nude models were used everyday and in most classes.  I kept thinking about what it would be like and I would find myself fluttering with sexual sensation.  I knew that if I had ever tried it I would have a rock hard erection. Still, I was captivated by the idea of modeling for an art class. . It was also very arousing, which is why I never really considered it , however,  I saw a flyer posted near the art offices facility advertising for nude models to pose for an art class. I figured that maybe  should give it a try. I started thinking about why I shouldn’t do it, but decided to shelve those concerns and just go for it. I took down the number and called as soon as I got back to my desk. I spoke to a secretary who took my name and told me that the instructor would call me when she needed someone.A week or so later I got a call from the instructor. She was a very nice woman, and she told me about the course. It was drawing from an anatomic perspective. For each class they would focus on a

Sometimes I have to hold the pose under any circumstance

specific set of muscles, and the model would strike three poses for about twenty minutes each. The poses were taken from classical works that accentuated the muscle groups in question. She told me she had a few classes where she still needed models, one of which was for shoulders and back. I figured that this would be the safest, because if anything went “wrong” I’d have my back to the students. I decided to throw caution to the wind and agreed to do it.In the days that led up to the class I began to play out scenarios in my mind. I knew from talking to people who had done modeling that the difficult part was staying absolutely still for twenty or more minutes at a time. I expected that the stimulation of the situation might cause some erection problems at first, but that the effort required to hold the pose would quickly distract me and that an erection would be unlikely from then on. Still, I wanted to minimize the possibilities of that initial erection in any way I could. My plan was to over-sex myself to the point that my penis would be too worn out to become erect. I began masturbating every day, sometimes ejaculating two or three times in a single day. The morning of the class I masturbated in the shower. Although the class wasn’t until much later that afternoon, there would be no convenient opportunity to masturbate again once I’d left for work.Hours before I was to leave for the class I was so nervous that I couldn’t concentrate on my work. When it was finally time to go I  made the long walk to the building where the class was held. I tried to keep my mind off erections, but I could feel my dick pressing against my sweatpants, as I walked. I decided to use the meditation technique of breath counting to keep myself from thinking about my penis. The plan was to use that technique when I was actually modeling as well.I finally got to the building and found the room. I was instantly aghast to find that the students were arranged in a large circle rather than all at one end of the room. This undermined my assumption that I would have my back to everyone in the event that I started having “problems.” I was so nervous at this point that I really just wanted to get started, but I had to sit and wait through the lecture portion of the class where the instructor discussed the anatomy of the muscle groups in great detail and covered the technical names for all the muscles in each group. I used the meditation to try to keep my mind off my penis, which still felt like it was already getting plump. All that masturbating in the previous days appeared to have absolutely no impact whatsoever.Finally the lecture was over and it was time to get down to business. To my delight, all the students got up and congregated at one end of the room as I had originally expected them to. This was a relief, but the time of reckoning had come. I kicked off my shoes, removed my socks, unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled down my jeans. I lingered in my sweatpants for a moment, but soon I pulled them over my butt, down my thighs, and then stepped out of them one foot at a time. There I was, bare naked in a room full of clothed people who were preparing to stare intently at my nude body. In all honesty I have no idea of the degree to which my penis was becoming erect, if any at all, because looking at it even for a moment would surely have caused it to spring into action.I was very quickly distracted from my concerns as I listened to the instructor explain the way she wanted me to pose. I lay on the floor on my right side with my back to the students. My legs were extended to my left and my right elbow was propped up on a chair, curving my spine and bringing my shoulders parallel with the floor. The students began to draw and I began to meditate. So far things were going according to plan. The fact that the students couldn’t even see my penis removed a lot of the pressure, and with it a lot of the stimulation. The meditation, in addition to keeping my mind off my dick, also helped to pass the time as I remained as motionless as possible for minute after minute after minute.Once twenty minutes had gone by I was starting to get a little restless. Eventually the instructor stood up. I expected her to say that this pose was done, but instead she said that there would be about five more minutes for people to finish up. About seven or eight minutes later she finally brought it to a close. At this point my thoughts were entirely on how sore my shoulder was after having been propped up like that for a good half hour. As the students put down their drawing utensils and got up to mill about, I very slowly and carefully took the weight off my shoulder. As my muscles began to loosen up I sat up and stretched my arms over my head. My penis seemed to be well under control. I rolled over onto my back lay flat on the floor with my arms still stretched over my head.As I rolled over, however, my dick kind of flopped from one side over onto the other. This sensation stirred something in my loins, and all of a sudden my dick wasn’t well under control anymore. I didn’t panic, but rather just lay on my back and relaxed before I had to hold the next pose. I almost felt like I could drift off to sleep.Soon the instructor called the students back to order and got me up to do the next pose. As I stood up I could feel that my dick was definitely not completely soft, but I ignored it as best I could as I walked over to the instructor in full view of the class. For the next pose I was to sit in a chair with both elbows propped up on a table in front of me, placing me in direct profile to the students. Although my dick was sort of in “chubby” status by this time, it was pretty well hidden down between my legs. But then the instructor had me keep my arms where they were and swivel the chair more toward the students to twist my torso. I swiveled just a little bit, but she kept saying, “Further… further.” She didn’t stop until my pelvis was practically facing the students, which made my penis much more visible. I knew this was going to be trouble.I instantly went back to the meditation. As the students began their drawings I tried to keep my mind one hundred percent off my penis, but I couldn’t help but feel it growing. The simple fact that I knew that other people could see it made the situation all the more stimulating. Slowly but surely I could feel it rising higher and higher, until it was up around the tops of my thighs. I tried to concentrate on the meditation, but it wasn’t helping. My dick was on an unalterable course for boner city. The harder I meditated, the harder my dick was becoming. Eventually I glanced down and could see that it had risen above the level of my thighs and was in plain view.My worst fears were being realized. I was in a formal academic setting, and I was getting a full erection. If you’ve seen any of the pictures I have elsewhere on this site, you’ll know that once my penis gets up to full size that it doesn’t go unnoticed. I didn’t know what to do. By this time it was practically stiff and the scene was quickly becoming pornographic. I knew that there was no way it was going to go back down again of its own accord. If I didn’t do something it would stay like that for the duration of the pose.I was becoming desperate. I contemplated saying something  to apologize and ask them to bear with me, but that would have only drawn attention to the situation and made matters worse. Instead I closed my eyes and rode it out, closing my eyes made more aware and realized that my whole body was in an extreme high level of sexual arousal, not just my penis was lurching with each beat of my heart , but it seemed like my lips eyelids,chest was in full arousal.I continued to meditate as a way to pass the time. Once again the pose went on for about ten minutes longer than it was supposed to. As soon as the instructor brought it to a close I lept up and ran for my clothes with my schlong flapping around as I went. I quickly threw on my sweatpants. I sheepishly looked around the room, but no one seemed to be giggling or looking at me funny. I wanted to apologize to the instructor and make sure it wasn’t too big of a deal, but she had gone through a door in the back of the room. I took a peek inside, but it lead off to other parts of the building and she was nowhere to be seen. I decided to just let it go. I wandered around the room to check out some of the drawings the students had made. In some my organ did seem to be conspicuously missing, but at least I saw no egregious erasures.When it was time to do the third and final pose my penis had gone back to being more or less soft again. I was relieved to find that I would have my back completely to the students. I was to assume a standing contrapposto pose with one hand up above my head. I took my pants and underwear off and got into position. With my penis safely out of view it behaved itself this time. Once again I used the meditation to help pass the time, and once again it went on for about ten minutes longer than it was supposed to. By now my penis was pretty much completely under control and I  wished that the class would go on longer. After we were done and I got my clothes back on I contemplated pulling a student aside and asking if my erection in the second pose was really all that noticeable. Instead I just made a quiet exit.  A couple weeks later I got a call asking if I would model for a different class. I figured that at least the instructor hadn’t reported me as being a disgusting pig that should be taken off the list. Although I knew the same thing would happen again if I did another class, I contemplated doing it anyway. I took down the instructor’s name so that I could talk to him and warn him that this could be a problem, but I never wound up calling. I got more calls from other instructors.  My calendar filled with more bookings and classes, and even other colleges.   I now, am no longer worried about getting reprimanded when my penis gets hard.  I can relax and bask in the long hours of continuous erotic and sensuous bliss.


Fetish Flash

Summer break, a day at a concert with friends,  forced exposed genitals resulting in intense sexual arousal.   I decided to share this unique experience to possibly get some feedback and insight from others that had like experiences.  Imagine  how it felt when the humiliation reached a turning point, when embarrassment and dread suddenly was the


very thing that excited me.   I  still masturbate  while remembering the details being naked in  public,  many times during an outing to a concert at a high profile stadium in Denver.  A group of friends and I were driving to Wisconsin  for the summer, staying a few days in ….  I had not packed much planning to purchase what I needed once I got to my destination.  Our route took us through a large college town visiting friends. We  jumped at the invitation to spend the day  for this concert. Weather was going to be hot and dry, so it was shorts , tshirt and flip-flops. Since I had not packed these items in my travel bag, my female companion provided what I needed. I put them on and I was laughing about how short, yet loose-fitting the cut off  Levis were small and tight the t-shirt was. “I can’t wear this” I protested. We were running late so nobody was hearing me. Before I knew it I was in the car with nothing more than Levi cut-offs ,t-shirt and flip-flops. No underwear with these shorts meant my penis and balls and anus would be flying in the wind. I was already feeling my penis getting hard with nothing to contain it. My balls and anus on the cool leather seats , o h my god , I am in for it today. We parked the car and as I clamored out the back seat my full  package tight balls and all shown in the bright morning sun and timing could not have been planned any better, or worse.  I didn’t go unnoticed by the throngs of concert goers unloading from cars and congregating.  The only thing I had going for me was I was surrounded by my peers with more liberal attitudes generally.     Standing in line in the parking lot to enter the gate I could see and feel the glances and stares I was getting from all sides.  My attempts to get more coverage out of the  daisy dukes cutoff jeans by wearing them lower on my waist failed.  I could not keep my hard cock concealed and this only excited me more . I only wanted to get to our seats.  I never thought this would actually happen, except only in my fantasies.  A  fantasy where I am forced to be totally naked in public by circumstance I have no control over,  drive my masturbation sessions to climax/ejaculation .     I was a closet  exhibitionist until this weekend. Now everyone knew the truth.  My predicament continued for the next 5 hours. No place to hide. No privacy to get some release, there was just nowhere to go. Like , I was stuck in my own personal  twilight zone.   

A Group Show – open drapes

Totally naked in broad daylight, the ocean breeze stirred sensations. An erection so engorged was in  throbbing visibly.  The possibility of being seen very high. Powerful orgasms/ejaculation is like no other.  Risky deviant, naked arousal from undressing outside a secret  obsession . hot-show A small beach town with small cottages  shrouded with old growth trees and shrubs overgrown in the off-season.  Half of the town consisted of vacation homes mothballed for the winter.  I knew the neighborhood well ,,  my presence was not even noticed,  or , that is what I thought. Masturbating had become an everyday thing , getting myself off many times during the day.  I felt  alone in my developing obsession with my penis and taking off my clothes outside.  The earth shattering l Getting naked  and climbing clothes line poles , sign posts, and handrails.  My  boundaries expanded to an area within a church quad that was active only on Sunday’s.   Warm sunlight splashed across the red brick patio and raised planters loaded with ferns and palms.  Void of poles or skinny trees to climb, I noticed  the stainless steel hand railing was so smooth and without any joints.  If I could straddle the handrail I might be able to create the same tension in my abdomen needed to get the funny feeling.  I undressed behind a retaining wall leaving my clothes behind.  Sensations swirl around my naked body my rigid penis bounced as I walked out to the steps.  I awkwardly tried to straddle the rail tubing experimenting with different ways mount it.  I thought how embarrassing it would be if I was caught doing this. I was alone I was sure of it. Just had to listen for anyone in the parking lot. Which still made me a little nervous.  I knew the church was only used on Sunday and unused the rest of the week.    Finally straddling the tubing pulling up and squeezing my thighs together  trying to get the feeling started.  After much effort, a frantic determination something  begins to flutter inside. I was not paying attention to the parking lot as I should. It meant stopping and walking up the stairs  to the entrance then peeking out through the shrubs.   I glanced at my reflection in the tinted glass doors  and windows that lined the rear of the church where I was.  The  sight of my nakedness was clear in the reflection  in the glass erect and stiff.   Several  minutes pass,  sweat dripped from my naked body it was a struggle.   My cock swells, I am reaching the point of no return ,  feeling  orgasm was attainable , stopping was out of the question.  I was most vulnerable during this time concentrating one thing only.   I struggle and squirm,  I feel  fatigue ,  I can’t stop.  A quick glance at my reflection in the glass doors, awkwardly  perverse.   A buzz of shear pleasure gripped every part of me hot semen shot from deep within satisfying with each contraction , on the red brick.  Then shocking realization that all the drapes had been pulled.  I could not see anything but blackness in the windows.  With my ass still up in the air  and in the grips of orgasmic pleasure,  eyes adjusting slowly. I made eye to eye contact with a group of  women with chairs positioned facing my direction. the windows

. A cleaning crew.

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