by Electrolysis

Pubic hair

Shaving and waxing of the genitals can be satisfying for the short term,  but, it is a lot of work and then the stubble from regrowth can be uncomfortable.  If someone was serious about making it permanent the only choice would be electrolysis.  After calling around to local salons then a consultation to create a treatment plan and discuss the costs.  Once a week for 20 minutes was just right.  The sessions went well, like textbook. I was surprised how painful it can be but on one day the next session would be painless.  Like a pin prick for just a half second. Each follicle has to be penetrated with a probe to deliver an electrical current,  zapping the blood supply that is needed for hair to grow. While Jodi positions herself to insert the probe, making sure to line up with the direction of the hair she is busy with multiple tasks. It is necessary that she handle my penis while getting access to the areas she is working on. At the beginning of this session she held my penis out and moved it from left to right to view previous work . This is when I felt my penis surging into erection. To my surprise she continued to hold my growing member firmly in her hand while resting her arm over my stomach. One hand working on inserting the probe and the other holding my penis. I said nothing and as to assist her getting better access I moved my pelvis thrusting forward. I felt my urethra flood with pre-cum . As the session continued she periodically used a tissue to wipe the pre-cum from the tip of my penis as needed to prevent it from dripping onto the treated areas.