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Photo of Erection during Electrolysis treatment

Fully engorged penis reacting to rubbing alcohol wipe down following a 30 minute session. Electrolysis can be painful when applied to genitals yet arousal is not uncommon. Cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the areas treated, ending the session with a with a rather robust erection.

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Electrolysis Results Male Genitalia (no re-growth)

Permanent Pubic hair Removal Results


Image of erect  penis with all pubic hair removed by electrolysis.  A process that involves many sessions spanning several months.  It is a time-consuming process because each hair follicle must be inserted by hand with a probe one at a time. A unique photo close-up of the smooth anus and perineum  (photo)  has been completely cleared.  Treatment to eliminate all pubic hair as shown here can take several months.  At this stage the results are permanent.

The option to completely eliminate pubic hair from the body is there. Patience is needed as results are not instant.  Another thing to consider is finding a  technician you feel comfortable with allowing them to access to your genitals in such an intimate way. It is possible  arousal may happen as the procedure progresses. Some technicians admit working on an erect penis is easier and more stable when inserting the probes.

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Permanent Hair Removal Results On Male Genitalia

Increased sensitivityAT20

Electrolysis was the hair removal method used to clear pubic hair from the genitals.  Initially,  work was limited to the shaft of the penis,  then expanded to include the scrotum, the perineum, the anus, the inner thighs and the large patch covering the pubis.  No pubic hair remains as seen in this photo.  The pubis(the patch above the penis) and the inner thigh  tend to be more sensitive.   Many sessions are needed so care is taken to clear left and right side evenly( for aesthetic reasons ) as treatments progress.  Results include, a silky smooth texture that is never spoiled by stubble ,clean sexy appearance,  increased sensitivity  , enhanced sexual pleasure. spontaneous frequent arousal.   This  photo was taken 1 month after the last