What a Shame embarrassing stories


My sexual secret was exposed. For several years I was secretly experimenting. I had discovered by accident that after struggling to climb poles and skinny trees I would get the most pleasurable Orgasm I ever had and wanted to feel it more and more. Sometimes spending the whole afternoon climbing and clinging to poles near my house. I had just taken my private sessions to a new level by doing the climbing totally naked. This added a new element that developed to be a exhibitionist fetish that I could not stop thinking about. Spontaneous arousal anytime and anywhere I was quick to seek out poles. Even when on family vacations I snuck away going on long walks until finding the right pole to do it. Sometimes I would feel guilt and shame. One warm afternoon , in an open field behind the baseball backstop I had hidden my clothes under the bleachers, the pole was perfect, thin enough to get a good grip , allowing more time to climb higher and longer times.  My erection was throbbing strongly with the wind swirling this I enjoyed.  I am on constant scan mode with the idea I would be able to see anyone coming before they saw me.  That was the plan anyway.  I clung to steel pole,  with my erect penis protruding past the pole with thighs squeezing together in a rhythmic way , restricting the blood flow then releasing , I could feel this even more intense when my penis slipped upwards no longer pinned by my thigh .  Precum flooded by urethra ,  I am not able to hang on any longer,  muscle fatigue in my arms.   I was getting there and was past the point of no return, the moment when stopping was not possible .   When the elusive first contraction in my groin was achievable just beyond reach. I stayed on overlooking the pain my whole body was shaking as I struggled.  I an instant my whole body quivered when  I felt the perfect contraction in sync with the timing of a load of cum ejaculated again and again my white loads landing on dry leaves.   I was mid orgasm Then this happened.   Someone called out my name from some near bushes no more than 12 feet from the pole. I could not stop the loads of hot cum that continued to shoot out.  When finished , I was so embarrassed I could not even speak. I rode away on my bike in disbelief. When monday came I was asked about it by some students. OMG I was that guy, that liked to climb trees naked, and poles.