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Exhibitionism in the art studio


Yesterday my drawing group had a new model he had never posed nude before. He acted very nervous and maybe a little scared. I think he thought he would be posing for just one artist not six. Anyway after a few minutes he got an erection

I asked if he was ok or if he wanted to take a break to calm down. He asked what we wanted him to do one of the other women said she would prefer him to hold the pose, so he did and he calmed down but throughout the session he would occasionally lose control and his erection would return. After the class, the six of us went for lunch and one of the women said I don’t know about the rest of you but did some great drawings this morning and loved every minute when our model was aroused. Basically we all agreed with her, drawing the models erection had added an additional dynamic to all our drawings. Any way we decided we want to do it again some Saturday, not by chance with a new model but actually schedule a male to pose with an erection.

Additional Details

I just want to add we didn’t make any comments in front of the model we enjoyed the dynamic effect of the erection in our drawing and want to schedule a model with him understanding that he is expected to pose that way and we also understand there will be breaks for him to shall we say fluff himself up from time to time.



Naked Desire

erection lasting full pose
Facing towards the classroom ensured that everyone studied my anatomy.  The first time I got and erection during a pose my first thought was to end the pose,  but, as the seconds ticked the drawing class went silent.  A thumping in my groin traveled through my torso.  It was not just my genitals being exposed that excited me so, it was the display of a lust for it that sent me through the roof.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath realizing 20mins were still left before break.  I was trying to settle down and relax and allow my erection to subside.  Ironically, these efforts had the opposite effect.