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Electrolysis Results – Male Genitalia – All Pubic Hair Removed

Electrolysis to remove hair from the anus

Electrolysis is permanent

Electrolysis was the method used to clear all the pubic hair from the genitals  shown here.  Initially,  work was limited to the shaft of the penis,  then expanded to include the scrotum and some thinning was done in the upper patch above the penis(pubis bone).  As the areas being treated are cleared,  some work is started on the anus.  The work on the  anus focuses on the perineum and eventually expands to include the entire area between the cheeks.  Ongoing  removal of  remaining pubic hair from the pubis bone area  (the patch above the penis) and the inner thigh.  These areas tend to be more sensitive and dense.   Many sessions are needed so care is taken to clear left and right side evenly( for aesthetic reasons ) as treatments progress.  Results include, amazing silky smooth skin,  a clean sexy appearance,  increased sensitivity in lovemaking and masturbation ,  spontaneous frequent arousal. Never have to wax or shave again.  This  photo was taken 1 month after the last treatment.

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About 90 percent of American men admit that they engage in self-pleasure. It’s considered a healthy, normal and natural way to burn off a little steam when a partner isn’t available or just isn’t interested. There are times, however, when this normally healthful activity can lead to real pain. Very vigorous movements are often to blame, leaving the manhood feeling chafed, irritated and sore. Male organ care can help restore that vital organ to its former glory, and amending hand positions and techniques when the next round of playtime arrives could keep the problem from occurring in the future.

Rough Handling of the Skin Leads to Big Problems

Common injuries attributed to self-pleasure have to do with friction. Fast skin-on-skin contact can be incredibly pleasurable, but tiny tissue tears can form after just a few minutes of this sort of movement. Similarly, some men use a very tight grip during…

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Pubic hair removed with electrolysis

results of electrolysis on male genitalia

Here is an example of what can be achieved with electrolysis.  Treated areas are from the anus forward to the upper pubic bone and from outer thigh to outer thigh.    No stubble very little regrowth minimal scaring or discoloration.