A Group Show – open drapes

Totally naked in broad daylight, the ocean breeze stirred sensations. An erection so engorged was in  throbbing visibly.  The possibility of being seen very high. Powerful orgasms/ejaculation is like no other.  Risky deviant, naked arousal from undressing outside a secret  obsession . hot-show A small beach town with small cottages  shrouded with old growth trees and shrubs overgrown in the off-season.  Half of the town consisted of vacation homes mothballed for the winter.  I knew the neighborhood well ,,  my presence was not even noticed,  or , that is what I thought. Masturbating had become an everyday thing , getting myself off many times during the day.  I felt  alone in my developing obsession with my penis and taking off my clothes outside.  The earth shattering l Getting naked  and climbing clothes line poles , sign posts, and handrails.  My  boundaries expanded to an area within a church quad that was active only on Sunday’s.   Warm sunlight splashed across the red brick patio and raised planters loaded with ferns and palms.  Void of poles or skinny trees to climb, I noticed  the stainless steel hand railing was so smooth and without any joints.  If I could straddle the handrail I might be able to create the same tension in my abdomen needed to get the funny feeling.  I undressed behind a retaining wall leaving my clothes behind.  Sensations swirl around my naked body my rigid penis bounced as I walked out to the steps.  I awkwardly tried to straddle the rail tubing experimenting with different ways mount it.  I thought how embarrassing it would be if I was caught doing this. I was alone I was sure of it. Just had to listen for anyone in the parking lot. Which still made me a little nervous.  I knew the church was only used on Sunday and unused the rest of the week.    Finally straddling the tubing pulling up and squeezing my thighs together  trying to get the feeling started.  After much effort, a frantic determination something  begins to flutter inside. I was not paying attention to the parking lot as I should. It meant stopping and walking up the stairs  to the entrance then peeking out through the shrubs.   I glanced at my reflection in the tinted glass doors  and windows that lined the rear of the church where I was.  The  sight of my nakedness was clear in the reflection  in the glass erect and stiff.   Several  minutes pass,  sweat dripped from my naked body it was a struggle.   My cock swells, I am reaching the point of no return ,  feeling  orgasm was attainable , stopping was out of the question.  I was most vulnerable during this time concentrating one thing only.   I struggle and squirm,  I feel  fatigue ,  I can’t stop.  A quick glance at my reflection in the glass doors, awkwardly  perverse.   A buzz of shear pleasure gripped every part of me hot semen shot from deep within satisfying with each contraction , on the red brick.  Then shocking realization that all the drapes had been pulled.  I could not see anything but blackness in the windows.  With my ass still up in the air  and in the grips of orgasmic pleasure,  eyes adjusting slowly. I made eye to eye contact with a group of  women with chairs positioned facing my direction. the windows

. A cleaning crew.

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