May be Habit Forming

By accident I discovered that I could get wildly pleasurable feeling if I climbed a pole vigorously for several minutes. The first time was in PE at school while I was running an obstacle course. Had to climb to the top of a pole and slide down, only near the top it happened. I was overcome by the most pleasurable sensation and was frozen clinging to the pole with my eyes closed.  As long as I held on the sensation  continued.  It must have been a couple of minutes because I was getting hassled by other students. . After that day I was determined to make it happen again. I had to to do it again. Experimenting after school on the playground and eventually at the high school after hours and during summer break or weekends. After a few weeks I tried it completely naked. Wow, what a rush it was to undress totally and completely and stash my clothes behing bushes and venture out to where the poles were, usually in the middle of the black top or quad area. Doing it naked raised it up a notch t do it any other way. I would ride my bike to the high school on warm summer days and spend whole afternoons repeating it many times. Leaving my house after dinner with the sole purpose was to find a pole and cling to it naked. My arousal started well before I arrived at the pole. After scanning my surrounds and shedding my clothes, heart racing and penis rigid and throbbing visibly, step out into the open and make my way out to where the selected pole was. Grasping the pole and sinching my thighs together squeezing my erection upwards to the right of the pole. After considerable effort the sensations start faintly. I have to concentrate and synchronize my thigh squeezing motion and pulling up motion. When I get close to the feeling, I close my eyes and sink into my own world of pleasure that lasts for several minutes. I am vulnerable at this point to being caught. Which I think intensifies everything up to another level. There were times when I released my grip on the pole let myself down and found that I was being watched by shocked yet curious onlooker.

Hard to draw

When I climbed on to the model stand naked for the first time I had to concentrate on not getting aroused, I was successful but it was not easy . I focused on providing assortments of gesture poses and longer poses that showed emotion and were interesting to draw. My confidence in my abilities was high. My ability to ward off spontaneous erections the moment I felt the stirringlbcc-289x300 inside. That all changed while posing for anatomy class, of all times. While standing on a box and students enthusiastically huddled around me as the professor identified the external structures of the male reproductive organs using a pointer. This was far different than what I was used to in drawing classes. I felt cool morning draft from the open window when I felt a tingle, my scrotum tightening , no , not now. I was developing a erection and I could do nothing to stop it. Within seconds, my penis was lurching furiously to the beat of my heart which I could actually hear. I closed my eyes, blushing, I thought, I am fired I know it. To my surprise I heard the professor say oh, wonderful, here we can see the significant changes during arousal. Note the tightening of the scrotum as the penis prepares for ejaculation . With all students eyes on me, as they studied every detail I was at a level of arousal that I had never been before. The sensations pleasure rippled through me. I thought to myself, I can deal with this, I continued the pose even when I felt flow of pre-cum flooding my urethra. I have experienced the most intense arousal ever while posing.

Masturbating after class

I have been modeling for several years. My first time I did not get an erection, but after a few classes I became more relaxed. While posing in a early morning University drawing class, after taking a quite revealing pose.  Not intending for this to happen, it was quite embarrassing, I developed a full blown erection within a few seconds. At that moment I was going sit down for a break but the studio became unusually silent. I just was unable to bring myself to interrupt this increased concentration that was taking place . Holding the pose, with this erection so much pleasure I was deriving intense arousal.  Precum flowed filling my eurethra dripping .  My heart beat strong the throbbing stiffness pleased me so.  I so much enjoyed this prolonged exposer I closed my eyes wishing it would not end.  The was silent just a few whispered words  for the rest of the 15 minutes left in the pose.  Retreating to the model dressing room The feverish masturbation,  so intense,  hot loads hitting the wall .  After dressing and composing myself I emerged from my room.   Only 3 students were still left in the room .  Glancing at me and the clock as if I had been a long time.  I smiled back.   I wondered if I would get invited back. I was happy when I received multiple dates on my calendar to return.rel

Swimsuit with a view

Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland

Beach Volleyball in Gdynia, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sheer and Short Equals Naked

The cottage was walking distance to the beach, everything was so beautiful, I never took the beach  lifestyle  for granted.  I felt very lucky to be able to afford to live here .    I was comfortable practically living in my swim suit, flip-flops and sometimes a tee-shirt .  It  is interesting to look back at some memorable experiences and circumstances  that I found myself in.   Summer vacation at the beach is incredible, the list of activities is endless.  Staying home was the activity I chose for now.   The overcast was burning off early which meant everyone would head to the sand early, except for me.    I got out of bed not bothering to put clothes on feeling a little naughty,  enjoying myself  naked and becoming aroused by thoughts about walking to the beach naked.  What it might feel like to do it.    Without really thinking or planning I walked out of the house wearing very little.  I had a pair of shorts I wore around the house but never outside because they were short loose-fitting,  without any underwear  I would never go outside wearing them because they were so sheer you could see right through them.    With only the shorts on I went out the back to the alley heading towards the beach.  As I walked  my penis went from a heavy swollen fullness to fully erect.  This pleased me much, so, I continued  walking down the side of the highway a short distance then turn toward trail that led to a semi- secluded cove  locals mostly .  Beach volleyball is popular with 2 nets on the sand.   I had been playing there recently with some friends.   Walking toward the beach the cool breeze was swirling up the shorts I was wearing causing them parachute growing my erection.     I was having a rush  of excitement when I arrived .   I felt so naked, just perfect,  far from home with out my clothes.  I was going naked at my favorite beach and I was loving it.  As more people showed up, the more excited I became, and more nervous.   I was starting to see some familiar faces.   3 young ladies a couple of years younger than I take a spot next to one of the courts.  They are part of the volleyball crowd probably looking for a forth player.  They wave and I wave back.  I did not expect this,  and I felt like dying when they began walking to where I was .  I was self-conscious about what I was wearing.  Every bit of my anatomy  was visible through the material.  They  start to warm up with volleyball bumping it back and forth between them ,  this indicates teams have been picked and apparently I am on one of them.  Oh my, I am thinking maybe I have taken things too far.  In my fantasy world this is heading right where I want it to go.    I convince myself I could play a subdued easy game.  Attempts to stretch the shorts longer failed.  I stood up while adjusting and positioning what I was wearing but it did not help much.  I was naked and that was that.    To my surprise no reaction,  like ,  oh yeah,  pretty daring there bud.  The game starts normal then 3 more girls setting up their beach chairs at court side. My partner is giving me perfect sets for me to spike the ball. Requiring leaping and stretching as high as possible.   My penis in and out of shorts I knew it, but I could not feel the light material enough to know when it was covering.    The result was a complete wardrobe failure. I glanced at the court side to see every eye looking down at  my  penis.  Keeping my cool , a quick peek down  , humiliated , embarrassed,  my erection was stiff I felt a swirling  pleasure at the same time. This was unbelievable,  everyone was watching not talking.  My erection was out of control ,  I just continued to play.  My turn to serve the ball.  I paused,  I listening to The sound of the surf break and the sound of my heart b eat. Everyone was watching me play naked.


Fetish Flash

Summer break, a day at a concert with friends,  forced exposed genitals resulting in intense sexual arousal.   I decided to share this unique experience to possibly get some feedback and insight from others that had like experiences.  Imagine  how it felt when the humiliation reached a turning point, when embarrassment and dread suddenly was the


very thing that excited me.   I  still masturbate  while remembering the details being naked in  public,  many times during an outing to a concert at a high profile stadium in Denver.  A group of friends and I were driving to Wisconsin  for the summer, staying a few days in ….  I had not packed much planning to purchase what I needed once I got to my destination.  Our route took us through a large college town visiting friends. We  jumped at the invitation to spend the day  for this concert. Weather was going to be hot and dry, so it was shorts , tshirt and flip-flops. Since I had not packed these items in my travel bag, my female companion provided what I needed. I put them on and I was laughing about how short, yet loose-fitting the cut off  Levis were small and tight the t-shirt was. “I can’t wear this” I protested. We were running late so nobody was hearing me. Before I knew it I was in the car with nothing more than Levi cut-offs ,t-shirt and flip-flops. No underwear with these shorts meant my penis and balls and anus would be flying in the wind. I was already feeling my penis getting hard with nothing to contain it. My balls and anus on the cool leather seats , o h my god , I am in for it today. We parked the car and as I clamored out the back seat my full  package tight balls and all shown in the bright morning sun and timing could not have been planned any better, or worse.  I didn’t go unnoticed by the throngs of concert goers unloading from cars and congregating.  The only thing I had going for me was I was surrounded by my peers with more liberal attitudes generally.     Standing in line in the parking lot to enter the gate I could see and feel the glances and stares I was getting from all sides.  My attempts to get more coverage out of the  daisy dukes cutoff jeans by wearing them lower on my waist failed.  I could not keep my hard cock concealed and this only excited me more . I only wanted to get to our seats.  I never thought this would actually happen, except only in my fantasies.  A  fantasy where I am forced to be totally naked in public by circumstance I have no control over,  drive my masturbation sessions to climax/ejaculation .     I was a closet  exhibitionist until this weekend. Now everyone knew the truth.  My predicament continued for the next 5 hours. No place to hide. No privacy to get some release, there was just nowhere to go. Like , I was stuck in my own personal  twilight zone.   

A Group Show – open drapes

Totally naked in broad daylight, the ocean breeze stirred sensations. An erection so engorged was in  throbbing visibly.  The possibility of being seen very high. Powerful orgasms/ejaculation is like no other.  Risky deviant, naked arousal from undressing outside a secret  obsession . hot-show A small beach town with small cottages  shrouded with old growth trees and shrubs overgrown in the off-season.  Half of the town consisted of vacation homes mothballed for the winter.  I knew the neighborhood well ,,  my presence was not even noticed,  or , that is what I thought. Masturbating had become an everyday thing , getting myself off many times during the day.  I felt  alone in my developing obsession with my penis and taking off my clothes outside.  The earth shattering l Getting naked  and climbing clothes line poles , sign posts, and handrails.  My  boundaries expanded to an area within a church quad that was active only on Sunday’s.   Warm sunlight splashed across the red brick patio and raised planters loaded with ferns and palms.  Void of poles or skinny trees to climb, I noticed  the stainless steel hand railing was so smooth and without any joints.  If I could straddle the handrail I might be able to create the same tension in my abdomen needed to get the funny feeling.  I undressed behind a retaining wall leaving my clothes behind.  Sensations swirl around my naked body my rigid penis bounced as I walked out to the steps.  I awkwardly tried to straddle the rail tubing experimenting with different ways mount it.  I thought how embarrassing it would be if I was caught doing this. I was alone I was sure of it. Just had to listen for anyone in the parking lot. Which still made me a little nervous.  I knew the church was only used on Sunday and unused the rest of the week.    Finally straddling the tubing pulling up and squeezing my thighs together  trying to get the feeling started.  After much effort, a frantic determination something  begins to flutter inside. I was not paying attention to the parking lot as I should. It meant stopping and walking up the stairs  to the entrance then peeking out through the shrubs.   I glanced at my reflection in the tinted glass doors  and windows that lined the rear of the church where I was.  The  sight of my nakedness was clear in the reflection  in the glass erect and stiff.   Several  minutes pass,  sweat dripped from my naked body it was a struggle.   My cock swells, I am reaching the point of no return ,  feeling  orgasm was attainable , stopping was out of the question.  I was most vulnerable during this time concentrating one thing only.   I struggle and squirm,  I feel  fatigue ,  I can’t stop.  A quick glance at my reflection in the glass doors, awkwardly  perverse.   A buzz of shear pleasure gripped every part of me hot semen shot from deep within satisfying with each contraction , on the red brick.  Then shocking realization that all the drapes had been pulled.  I could not see anything but blackness in the windows.  With my ass still up in the air  and in the grips of orgasmic pleasure,  eyes adjusting slowly. I made eye to eye contact with a group of  women with chairs positioned facing my direction. the windows

. A cleaning crew.

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