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To See or to be Seen

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Climbing Climax

One of my biggest fears in life is to be caught climbing. Now that sounds ridiculous but all climbers will tell you that the period of intense pleasure you get from climbing continues for some considerable time and in most cases ends in orgasm. My point is that once I’m in that phase I don’t think I can stop, and even if I could I’m sure people would know what I’m doing. Some people who have commented on this blog have indicated that they can achieve the feelings fully clothed, for me this is not the case. I have tried and it’s just not as good as being naked. I don’t need to remove all my clothes just anything from the waist down. I have noticed that knickers in particular bring about a early orgasm probably due to rubbing and I have felt cheated by this. Leggings and pantyhose are…

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Scolded for climbing

There were 2 verticle steel poles 12 feet tall,  part of the jungle gym installed by workcrews over the summer.  The same summer I discovered something very interesting can happen to my body when climbing a pole to the point of exhaustion, and more.  The best orgasm ever so intense and long lasting,  it is overwelming.  Of course the new poles were my new hobbie at recess.  Trying to have one of the orgasms while in the midst of everyone.   It was not a sure thing, because I would have to monopolize one of the poles and if I did have a pole to myself I would have to mask what I was doing out of fear that I would be outed.    I did’nt take long for that to happen,  when recess was close to ending I was eagerly working the pole trying to get the start of the feeling that can lead to orgasm.  A slow process and once the faint tingle inside begins it is difficult to stop the pursuit.  I was at the top of the pole with the tingling feeling just beyond reach but I was now what I call the point of no return.  The reward is close causing a frenzied determination.  The problem was the bell had sounded and I was now the only one still on the playground.  I was in a panic but the priority was how to get to the orgasm I was closing in on.  I squirmed while clinching the pole trying to focus.  Then  I see the classroom door open of which I am absent and I hear the teacher calling my name after the students poured out around the doorway pointing at me.  There he is still out there on the pole,  I heard on student shout out.  I stayed on the pole till it happened meanwhile being watched by my classmates and teacher.  I felts so intense I could not slide down until the orgasm I was having subsided.  Long enough, that the teacher had started walking towards me because of my defiance.  I jumped down and ran in the classroom.

What a Shame (embarrassing stories)


My sexual secret was exposed. For several years I was secretly experimenting. I had discovered by accident that after struggling to climb poles and skinny trees I would get the most pleasurable feeling(Orgasm) I ever had and wanted to feel it more and more. Sometimes spending the whole afternoon climbing and clinging to poles near my house. I had just taken my private sessions to a new level by doing the climbing totally naked. This added a new element that developed to be a exhibitionist fetish that I could not stop thinking about. Spontaneous arousal anytime and anywhere I was quick to seek out poles. Even when on family vacations I snuck away to it. Sometimes I would feel guilt and shame. One warm afternoon after school I added embarrassment to the list when I performed the whole act from start to end in an open field behind the baseball backstop only to hear my best friend shout my name from behind some shrubs no more than 12 feet from the pole I clung to with my erect penis protruding past the pole with thighs squeezing together in a rhythmic way. I was so embarrassed I could not even speak. I rode away on my bike in disbelief. When monday came I was asked about it by some students. OMG I was that guy, that liked to climb trees naked, and poles.


Naughty Thoughts

Patrick: My balls are throbbing. Can I cum on you? Me: Please do. Where do you want it? Patrick: All over your face and tongue. Me: Then I’m kneeling in front of you, tits out, with an open mouth waiting for your hot, sticky load. Pat: Fuuuuckkk.

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My Dark Secret

Climbing Climax

In the U.K. The clocks go back in late October and the nights draw in very quickly. In no time at all it’s dark and you know we are facing five months of wet dark nights before the emerging spring starts to lift your spirits. Winter where I live is depressing people stay at home and cold wet weather makes me feel decidedly yuk.

The funny thing is that this autum the temperatures have stayed quite high resulting me keeping my summer clothes around prior to the heavy Coates gloves and winter wear appearing. There is something secretive about the dark nights that I enjoy and it takes me back to my teenage days. After the long summer holidays the new school term would bring about a fresh approach to life, for some reason or another if felt as if we were older and more in control of our lives…

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