No Privacy Was Fitting

With summer was just around the corner one or two stops at the shore shack per week to try on swimsuits.  Rustic thrift store style shop always had a few new styles, but the constant supply of rayon with artsy prints and designs kept me coming back.  I’ll share this with you about the fitting room.  Bamboo walls with see through spaces  between the each post was intentional or drying of the boards was responsible.  I did not care about why,  and the fact that to try on swimsuits getting totally naked was a must.  This made thing more interesting for me.  Located in the middle of the store I could sometimes have a moment of eye contact along with lengthy searching through the racks within a few away I see them taking extended looks at my erection that was extra rigid and clearly visible, adding fuel to , it was amazing. 

On another visit I gathered some things to try on with and was already feeling a hardon in anticipation.  Something was different about the curtain this time.  It was not the fact that it was 4 inches short in width.  The gap in the curtain is what other store customers would peer through to get a good look at my boner, kind of confirming that what they were seeing through the stick walls was actually a real throbbing boner.  What has changed since last week?  The length of the curtain has been shortened,  (to be continued)  


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