No Privacy Was Fitting

Naked in Clothing store fitting room is a rush

With summer was just around the corner one or two stops at the shore shack per week to try on swimsuits.  Rustic thrift store style shop always had a few new styles, but the constant supply of rayon with artsy prints and designs kept me coming back.  I’ll share this with you about the fitting room.  Bamboo walls with see through spaces  between the each post was intentional or drying of the boards was responsible.  I did not care about why,  and the fact that to try on swimsuits getting totally naked was a must.  This made things more interesting for me.  Located in the middle of the store meant lots of traffic.  I notice the moment when someone notices someone is in the fitting room eyes focus then turn away then realizing they just saw someone naked a curiosity begins.  Positioning themselves to gain a clear view of my nakedness.   They are unaware that I know they are peeking at me.  I make sure they have a easier time of seeing my throbbing penis.  I have a voyeurs attention and I am making every effort to give them the best view.  I can always count on a voyeur to stay and watch an exhibitionist.  A few feet away looking  at my erection. 

The Curtain was shrinking

  Something was different about the curtain this time.  It was not the fact that it was 4 inches short in width.  The gap in the curtain is what other store customers would peer through to get a good look at my boner, kind of confirming that what they were seeing through the stick walls was actually a real throbbing boner. 

Opportunities to show my erection in plain view

What has changed since last week?  The length of the curtain has been shortened,  or,  pinned up like a tailor would helm up the leg of your pants.  The helm was a bit crude but I liked it,  at least 8 inches shorter.  My nervous butterfly stomach my penis was getting hard already.  Grabbing a few garments I went straight to the bamboo dressing room, told the salesperson I had some Items to try on.  I went in and began to undress.  The walls seemed even more see through than ever, with more light penetrating.  Sitting  on the wood bench I was facing the curtain after taking off everything but my socks then I removed my socks.  The total exposure excited me so much my erection was so stiff.  Pretending to try on the items of clothing I was stalling hoping more people would enter the store.  Stepping out to the full length mirror to check out the fit taking my time, then customers began to come in.  3 girls and one boy college age were checking out the clothes in the rack at the front of the shop making their way towards the dressing room where I was naked sitting on the bench I heard someone gasp quietly then whispers.  I was in full view from the chest down the curtain blocking my upper and the same for me.  I could not see who was looking at me, just their legs. Once I knew I was being watched I went on to trying on the other clothes , standing and sitting, squatting.  I was being viewed from all sides.  Being naked in front of strangers in this manner, like a spectacle on display my rock hard penis.  This pleases me its amazing.  The  pre cum was flooding my urethra after some time.  I was happy when several more people came in. I went into the motions of trying on clothes with an incredible rush each time I exposed myself to each person. With some taking more interest or time near the dressing room only increased the pleasure. I was not going to masturbate till I got back home. At least not this time. 




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