Session 2

Question 1: What was your first time masturbating like? Question 2: When and how often do you typically masturbate? Question 3: Who, if anyone, do you typically fantasize about when you masturbate? Question 4: Where do you typically masturbate? Describe the setting. Question 5: How do you typically masturbate? BONUS: Are there any reasons, other than arousal, that you masturbate?

  1. I did not know what had happened.  At a young age I would experience pleasure when straining to climb poles to the point of exhaustion.
  2. Every night or early mornings  is the most likely time I masturbate.
  3. I fantasize about past sex encounters.
  4. In my extra room that has black-out drapes very private and relax
  5. Release of sexual tension.WTMFI-Wednesdays-300-x-250px



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