May be Habit Forming

pole climbing naked
in action on the pole

It is the dry orgasm that is most intense .  When climbing a pole slowly yet with persistence to the point of exhaustion can happen.   While running an obstacle course two opportunities to orgasm in pubic. That is climbing the fireman pole or the agonizing peg board climb. When  climbing to the top of a pole near the top it can happen.  Overcome by the most pleasurable sensation frozen in place clinging to the pole in a trance-like state with my eyes closed.  As long as I held on to the pole the sensation  continued.  It must have been a couple of minutes because the shouts from below were getting louder .  The same thing happened at the peg board climb.  Starting out moving the pegs up to the next hole were not so hard but near the top the straining begins.  When someone is fortunate enough to have this happen will understand this.  The tickle begins slowly and concentration on this feeling is important.  So, this scenario surrounded by people watching and cheering you on when the tickle begins it will appear like you can not go on one second longer.  In the case of the peg board climb it will appear that you are determined to move the peg up in a heroic manner but continue to push on.  In reality moving the peg up is no longer the goal.  Reaching orgasm is the goal, so , there will be some confusion among anyone watching you.  obvious to everyone it was time to jump down.   One or two minutes struggling to move the peg seems foolish from the standpoint of the audience.  The when orgasm is reached another minute hanging there in a pleasure trance.  Creates quite a scene and questions when jumping down.   After that day I was determined to make it happen again. Experimenting afternoons, after hours and during summer break or weekends. I thought I had a special gift.   Having no idea what this was, one thing I did know it felt so damn good.  After a while I tried it completely naked. What a rush it was to undress totally naked outdoors.  Stashing my clothes , sneaking to the poles,  usually in the middle of the black top or quad area.   On warm summer days spending whole afternoons repeating it many times. Leaving  after dinner, the sole purpose was to find a pole and cling to it naked. Arousal began well before arriving at the pole having an erection when choosing which pole to climb. After scanning my surrounds and shedding my clothes, heart racing and penis rigid and throbbing visibly, step out into the open and make my way out to where the selected pole was. Grasping the pole and pressing my thighs together squeezing my erection upwards to the right of the pole. After considerable effort the sensations start faintly. I have to concentrate and synchronize my thigh squeezing motion and pulling up motion. When I get close to the feeling, I close my eyes and sink into my own world of pleasure that lasts for several minutes. The pleasure is so intense, I would not stop no matter what.  I am vulnerable at this point to being seen. 


6 thoughts on “May be Habit Forming

  1. That perfectly describes it as it got me the exact same way climbing gym ropes in the 3rd grade. What amazes me is how the feeling continued for as long as i held my position on rope. It was incredible and total body having started as a “Tickle” in the lower abdomen that radiated both down to the feet and up the chest. I have been hooked for life ever since.

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  2. I remember the peg board and rope climbing in PE in high school. We had class with them a week or two a semester. All other times it was team sports. I was terrible in team sports, always picked last. But when it came time for gym equipment week, I was the first one picked on the teams. I could go up that rope and navigate that peg board faster than almost anyone in my class. That was because – like a lot of you here – I was addicted to orgasming by climbing and doing pull ups in private. No one at the high school ever knew or suspected. I think it’s a good addiction and one I still practice decades later cause it’s kept me in pretty good shape with strong arms and abs.

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  3. Thanks for posting the “In Action” photo. A photo’s worth a thousand words – especially those of us who “climb”. With all the amateur X-rated video sites out there, I haven’t found any other X-rated pole climbing shots or videos. If anyone knows of any I’d be curious.

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