Summer break, a day at a concert with friends,  forced exposed genitals resulting in intense sexual arousal.   I decided to share this unique experience to possibly get some feedback and insight from others that had like experiences.  Imagine  how it felt when the humiliation reached a turning point, when embarrassment and dread suddenly was therock

very thing that excited me.   I  still masturbate  while remembering the details being naked in  public,  many times during an outing to a concert at a high-profile stadium in Denver.  A group of friends and I were driving to Wisconsin  for the summer, staying a few days in ….  I had not packed much planning to purchase what I needed once I got to my destination.  Our route took us through a large college town visiting friends. We  jumped at the invitation to spend the day  for this concert. Weather forecast was  hot and dry,  so, with that information it was shorts , tshirt and flip-flops.  Since I had not packed these items in my travel bag,  my female companion grabbed a pair of shorts out of her dresser drawer and in the same motion tossed them to me.  I could hear the Karman Ghia engine revving then long beeps of the horn.  I was out the door a few steps was struggling to get in the back seat after someone was already in the front seat.  If you have been in a VW Karman Ghia before, you know  the challenge. I was in charge of rolling the joints, as many as possible.     I began laughing about what I was wearing , extremely short, loose-fitting  cut off  Levis and how tight the t-shirt was. “I can’t wear this” I protested. No underwear with these shorts meant my penis and balls and anus would be flying in the wind. I was already feeling my penis getting hard with nothing to contain it. My balls and anus naked , o h my god , I am rolling joints and looking down at my full-blown erection with only half-inch of denim left in the crotch.  At same time the car was parked  I clamored out of the back could not have been planned any better, or worse.  I didn’t go unnoticed by the throngs of concert goers unloading from cars and congregating.  The only thing I had going for me was I was surrounded by my peers with more liberal attitudes generally.     Standing in line in the parking lot to enter the gate I could see and feel the glances and stares I was getting from all sides.  My attempts to get more coverage out of the  daisy dukes cutoff jeans by wearing them lower on my waist failed.  I could not keep my hard cock concealed and this only excited me more . I only wanted to get to our seats.  I never thought this would actually happen, except only in my fantasies.  A  fantasy where I am forced to be totally naked in public by circumstance I have no control over,  drive my masturbation sessions to climax/ejaculation .     I was a closet  exhibitionist until this weekend. Now everyone knew the truth.  My predicament continued for the next 5 hours. No place to hide. No privacy to get some release, there was just nowhere to go. Like , I was stuck in my own personal  twilight zone.   


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