Unexpected naked sex show

         Skinny smooth trees and metal poles.   The end of the school year, the start of summer recess,  a restless excitement had infected everyone like a virus.   The summer-like weather, warm, dry,  with a slight breeze , a perfect day. Without a dress code shorts and flip-flops topped off with light short sleeve button up beach style shirt was standard with guys and girls. This all added up to  spontaneous, persistent erection syndrome,   going commando of course,  crippling.  Nervous from plans to go hiking in a remote canyon near home and take all my clothes off  after school I had  butterflies in my stomach.  My penis was hard most of the day,  at some inconvenient times.   view of male touching his penis  Ever since discovering  the pleasures of climbing poles and skinny trees  naked.  I had  sought  out secluded spots where I could do it, this being one of them.   I was to visit a new place today, with many skinny smooth barked eucalyptus trees. The bike ride from school  as usual was with others in the neighborhood.  I took the same route home  until suddenly I took a detour. I said see ya later to  my friends, then headed towards the secluded canyon just a few minutes away. I reached the end of the trail and ditched my bike. I was already aroused at the thought of getting naked outside. A little further on foot and there the trees were up on the hill. I wasted no time undressing near a boulder.  Pre cum flooded my urethra. The sheer pleasure of being naked outside was intoxicating.  My penis was rigid as can be swaying about in front of me jiggle with stiffness with each step I took.  Some shrubs blocked anyone that might  view from a trail on the opposite side of the creek, but once near the trees, pretty much in the wide open. I knew there was a chance of a hiker, I ignored the risk. I feel tingle all over and my erection throbbed vigorously as I grip the tree and ease myself up into position to climb. I pull myself up slowly clamping my thighs together, squeezing my erection slightly and upwards, then  releasing with precise timing continuing for several minutes then increasing in intensity as the feeling begins to build. Prolonging and delaying to make it last longer, sometimes taking short risky walks down the trail and back.  This went on for some time.   Ejaculating 12 feet at least,  it went on for as long as I clung to the tree.    It was when I was finished  I heard someone call out my name from a few yards. I recognized the voice.   My friend emerged from the shrubs where he hid, secretly watching me,  His prank to sneak up on me got him an unexpected naked sex show.     He must have followed me curious to find where I might be going alone.   He asked me what I was doing over and over, but I was so embarrassed I could not answer. The lewd and deviant nature of what he just saw me do . Ejaculating 12 feet at least while clinging to the tree.   He stood there watching me fumbling with my clothes while my penis was still hard. I dreaded returning to school the next day.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected naked sex show

  1. I’m a guy, and I liked climbing trees too 😉 In fact it was by climbing the big oak tree in my front yard in my early teens that I found out that climbing had very beneficial effects for me. We lived in a suburb where the houses were a short distance apart, about an acre each. I wasn’t doing it right near the windows of neighboring houses. No one could see me too easily. The tree was, however, right next to the street.

    During the day, anyone around or walking by would just see a kid playing and probably think nothing of it. I’d stop “going for the gold” if anyone walked or drove by. But when no one was around I just reveled in the feelings of pushing myself to the point where my arms and legs would shake and I’d climax as a result. I climbed that tree a lot – pulling myself up with my arms, doing pull ups and leg lifts, gripping the trunk with my legs till I got these amazing feelings in my privates and spewed liquid. I didn’t know what an orgasm was till I got a little older. All I knew is that I liked doing this. It was addictive.

    Most of the time, I would climb clothed in shirt, pants or shorts. I would wrap toilet paper around “myself” held tight with a rubber band so I didn’t stain my underwear. That would be hard to explain to my mom. But what I remember most fondly were the times I climbed that tree naked. Sometimes, when my parents were out for the evening I would go out into the tree and strip. As I mentioned the tree was right next to the street. There were no street lights, so no one would really see me unless they walked by or a car drove by and lights shined in on me.

    I know those butterflies in your stomach that you describe in your post. It’s not just the feeling of doing something forbidden outdoors and what happens if I get caught. It’s also the intoxicating arousal in the pit of your stomach anticipating the pleasure to come. I’ve felt that internal arousal often.

    I tried to keep quiet, not grunt, huff or moan. But sometimes that’s hard when you’re exercising this way and especially hard when you reach your goal 😉

    The air felt amazing on my skin. It was very freeing. And I remember the sound of my cum hitting the dry oaks leaves below. No toilet paper and rubber band. I could let it fly. I liked the fact that I felt it and milliseconds later I could hear it – splat! splat! plop! splat! I could sometimes work myself up to multiple orgasms and rain down on the ground again and again. Then I’d hang there or prop myself up on a branch, huffing and getting my breath back, feeling the lingering burn in my arms and abs and the amazing warm tingling feeling in my cock. There was probably a blissful grin on my face.

    No one ever caught me. That tree got chopped down a few years ago, and I was really sad. It was a very important part of my life growing up. And I am glad to finally be able share these types of memories with people who have similar stories, people who know exactly what this feels like and how deep those memories can be. Thanks!

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    1. Beautiful post, you are so right. I am also happy to be able to share these types of memories with people with similar stories. I have the feeling there are many more out there that may not feel comfortable sharing but that could change. Revealing to others something as personal as masturbation techniques we have kept secret for so long, the possibilities are exciting. Thank you again for writing a great comment. Wow!


  2. Thanks, Rawdewd. Yes, it’s going out on a limb to share like this (pun intended). I was a little hesitant, but these experiences are very formative of who we are as sexual beings and who we are as people.

    Would you care to talk more via email?

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