I read an article regarding the fireman pole they slide down on when a fire call has taken place. In the article there is talk of removing the pole and replacing it with wider stairs as well as the fire halls are now increasingly become a 1 floor building do to the changing times regarding the fire hall building in these times.
Now I wonder how many firemen would actually like the pole being replaced by stairs as well as 1 story buildings where no pole is needed.
I also wonder as many discussions here are about ‘Ever Orgasm Climbing A Pole Or Rope?’ that how many men have these ideas or fantasies when riding down a pole.
I can imagine that there has to be that few when they have their body wrapped tight around a shiny pole they must feel something. I would think a few do and are quiet about it. I also wonder if they carry out these fantasies to the full extent when they are alone.
As many stories written here has indicated the deep passion of interacting with the pole in this manner I am sure that a certain few must have this passion and respond to it.
Most poles in the fire hall are about 20 or more feet in height and are polished very shiny so to slide with ease.
As a painter and having a paint contract at a fire hall one time I have had this opportunity to try the pole and being on the job for 4 days I was able to get quite aroused and climax on the pole when there were not many firemen around. This experience I was able to have was about 6 times.

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