Posing nude in a constant state of arousal.    

Most models that pose nude for Art will tell you arousal never happens.  The rigors of staying motionless for long periods of time prevent it.   The art student will tell you the model never did.  Then there is a occasional story of one model who got half hard for a brief moment.  My years posing nude  were completely opposite. 

Friends would  talk of the nude model they were drawing in class, how difficult it was to get right, the foreshortening.  I was not interested in their chatter about drawing techniques.  I was more curious about the model being totally naked.  What it might be like posing nude.  I was shy and awkward, but, I really wanted to do this.  I was sure I could never share this with anyone I knew.  I would not know how to respond to the “why?”  question.  For now,  I would keep it  to myself.  

This is what happened  when I started as a model for life drawing classes. After submitting my application at a local university I was surprised to get a call to work in 3 hours. I was not ready to get up on stage naked, I thought, in a week or two. I was going to the gym and practicing poses and trimming back my pubic hair. The anticipation, the excitement, I excepted the booking and then a little nervous. I had never been to a drawing session so I was charting new territory and did not know what to expect. I was greeted by the TA who was so nice and informative, she showed me to models dressing room after introducing my to the class. The studio was full with art students and drawing supplies ready and waiting for me to take off my clothes. I counted 25 students, and from then on all eyes were on me, and I could see some students were sizing my body up . I was getting naked . I heard the TA call me to the stage. Lets get started with gesture poses. This was the moment I fantasized about over and over. Exposing myself in a public setting and getting paid to do it. I masturbated many times to the thought of stepping on a stage totally naked . Now I was seconds from walking out into the studio. I opened the door and everyone watched as I made my way to the middle of the room all I could feel was the cool evening air on the parts of my body that were normally covered. This was more stimulating than I expected , it did not take more than a minute.  I had quickly developed a full erection that was surging furiously and as my heart rate increased I could feel the lurching and jumping of my erect penis in pace with my heart beat. Even though I was blushing and was embarrassed, I continued to pose, never had I experienced  such a fullness in my groin putting pressure on my pubis with each throb.  Unprecedented  I am worried I might be fired after one class.  . I got the sense my style was unusual when  the studio with multiple ongoing conversations and laughter suddenly fell silent. Just the sound of charcoal to paper, someone dropping a pencil,  students whispers.  The drawing continued the studio, so quiet, even the TA was whispering .  Would be asked to return for more bookings?   Had I crossed the line?   I felt pre-cum flood my urethra.  I  wiped the tip of my penis  trying to do it discretely. When the last pose ended I stepped off the stage , erection bouncing with rigidity .   I felt awkward ,   like I was in a cloud.    Closing the dressing room  door behind me,  instantly   I  began stroking  my swollen member,  using my slippery pre-cum as a lube. I was in my own world masturbating after 3 hours of sexual energy building up. With class ending students crowded the  sinks that  were next to the room I was in. Any sounds from my activity I assumed  were drowned out by students no longer whispering. I came so hard.  All but a few students had left and I had not even started to get dress.  The TA walks up to the door and asked to meet her at her desk when I was finished dressing.    Studio Resources to book some dates.


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