Summer Poles

Summer break had arrived.   Shooting some hoops on the backyard  court often  my interest would shift to the chin up bars and poles.  Messing around, climbing and doing pull-ups as cover  of the my true intentions.  That was before I was caught climbing the pole naked.  A 1 minute  walk to the local school is  where the poles were.  Tether ball poles, volleyball poles,  the poles at the swing set worked just right.  As long as I could  climb them, I could repeat the magic.  Choosing which  pole was  not easy.  No thicker than  two and half inches,   located near building or tree and bushes. Quick return to where my clothes lay.   Take off my clothes  behind a wall or building.   This gave me an instant erection.  Not a soul in site.  The first step out in the open naked feels so naughty and I loved it.    I make my way out to where the pole was , much further than it looked.  Reaching high  grab hold , and start climbing very slowly while clamping my thighs together  repeatedly,  squeezing my erection further upwards and outwards. My plan was to  jump down and duck behind the fence  if I saw anyone coming, wait it out then  step out to where the pole was again  to continue.   I physically strain for  minutes till I start to get the feeling. My arms and hands in pain and legs fatigued, but still pressing together with precise timing.  I struggle past the fatigue  intent on getting over  the top.  I  am at  point of no return when orgasm is 30 to sixty seconds away .  All  concerns about getting caught fade ,  my eyes  closed  no longer paying attention to my surroundings.  A very vulnerable time at this point.    Then it happens ,  unable hang on any longer ,  somehow I do.   Hot semen squirting overwhelming  waves of pleasure engulf my body and mind  I cling to the pole  with my eyes still closed , how could this feel so damn good.   My most vulnerable moment turns onto most awkward.


3 thoughts on “Summer Poles

  1. Wow This is a real sensual and very erotic moments you were experiencing. I could feel the passion as you gain closer to the pole almost making it one with you. I feel the longing as you write about approaching this pole and you are about to feel the most pleasure in the nude with the pole. The pole has become the ‘love’ of expression in what may be a very sexual encounter. Beautiful.

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