orgasm by humiliationContinued from first page….    the pose was so revealing to begin with providing most of those present with a clear view . A risky one that once arousal happens it would be impossible to settle down. At this point my heart was pumping strong , penis lurching rhythm, swelling and pushing in length,  head engorged more than ever.  pre-cum flooded urethra shimmering as it flowed from the tip.   I didn’t know where this was going ,  the trance I was in ,  humiliation , the witnesses of my deviance.  Around me , whispers , quiet chatter, full attention .  My entire body felt of pins and needles time ten when the first release of hot semen shot up landing on my shoulder, then chest,  repeatedly , never had I experienced such glorious pleasure.  I had not a concern what I would do after I ejaculated on myself in class on stage .  An awkwardness feeling  of humiliation and embarrassment. I can only embrace my sexuality.


2 thoughts on “Humiliation

  1. You may be of one being very sexual and to me I find nothing wrong with that. It is too bad as you might say that you had this experience and felt you were put on the spot by this experience. Myself with whatever your thoughts were during that time may of gotten the better of you. In my case if I was an art student there I would of taken it as part of the anatomy at work and to add that you are only human responding to a physical expression. It is a beauty in its special way though.

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