Its amazing to read your experience , I would take off my clothes and climb poles when I was young.   I had a neighbor, she did it in her backyard.  She took me  to her  t-shaped clothesline and proceeded to show me thing you do that feels so good, of course I was too embarrassed to admit that I did  it too.    I just shrugged it off, but had been doing it for over 2 years at that point, and totally naked. She did it clothed.  I stood there and watched in amazement as she did exactly what you described.  She was the only other person I saw doing it.   I used to do it the same as you, would go to somewhere usually after dark, be it the athletic field or the park, and strip my clothes and hide them in the edge of the woods, then go to the monkey bars next to the woods and climb pole naked. To this day it was always the most intense orgasms I have ever had. The cool night air on my naked body.   I was where I could see all around,  the excitement from being totally naked and climbing up high on the pole,  stiff erection buzzing.  To climb the pole had to either be to right or left of the pole protruding past it.  Struggling, pulling upwards ,and then like you said, hanging there, pulling up, and hanging there,  and exhausting yourself to the point of fatigue .  Finally a slight tickle slowly starts but continued effort will lead to the most incredible orgasm, it would last it seemed forever. There are those of us that have discovered what being risque and enjoying what everyone else would think as odd, and getting away with it. I would love to come walking down the trail while your up the tree, once I saw what you were doing, I can guarantee you i would be joining you on a nearby sapling…lol. Now that would really be a site for someone else to see, two adults up to trees totally naked.