Being the only one naked in a classroom or  art studio can be stimulating in more than one way.  During the early morning classes after I have taken the first longer pose is when I am visited by the model coordinator.  Most always a TA would fill this job.  A light knock at the door, then she peeks her head in, looks at me,  then with a gracious smile quietly  walks up to me and whispers in my ear about having some cancellations.  Could I fill in?  I always say yes.  Then with a smile and a “thanks”  she turns to the artists, who are in a tight circle, apologizes for the disturbance.   9 out of 10 times I am experiencing spontaneous intense erections that come and go.  Mostly in a full arousal state during this time.  She is not effected by this at all and begins to browse and mingle.  I blush a little when my erection stiffens and intensifies as she chats with friend about her drawing. This scenario has me in a buzz.  Precum floods my urethra, my heart rate increases.  I just close my eyes and hold the pose.    After she is gone I get some smiles and grins from some artists.        Somehow I have found a path from only in my dreams to real life.  Searching for outlet,  a safe place where I am encouraged to express myself.  In the structured classroom full of artists  staring at my naked body,  studying every detail.  The bright lights placed for the best view.  I thrive off the creative passion that fills the  studio.  Like a match made in heaven,    taking off my clothes for them works for me.



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