Caught Climbing

The 80 acres of land densely forested private land had miles of trails.  The  beauty of the wilderness and nature brings out feelings of freedom, the perfect place to take off my clothes to satisfy a  desire to be naked outdoors.  I have had  dreams, and fantasies about being naked outdoors,  so, when riding my motorcycle,  part of my rides resulted finding the best place to frolic about.  A very erotic element always played out.  I began to remove my clothes as I listened and studied my surroundings making sure I was alone.  Leaving my clothes in a neat pile noting the landmarks so I can find my clothes later.  My penis feels heavy and sways from side to side as I walked.  After a few minutes I veered off the trail where a stand  of thin smooth barked trees dominated the landscape.  I have been here before,  my penis had  stiffened  and  was throbbing furiously.    I would not have to go far to find the perfect tree  reaching as high as I could reach, grasping the tree I pull my body upwards lift my feet off the ground  with my rigid penis directly contacting the tree  to the right.  I climb as high as 12 feet struggling to reach a plateau of a mixture of physical fatigue and arousal.  Sliding down to rest then climbing again at least 2 or 3   times to reach orgasm .   This tree was thin and tall with no branches at the bottom.  Branches are an annoyance but not a problem.   While I was on my third climb severe fatigue set in,  was clinging to the tree about 13 feet up pausing for a moment.  I was in the point of no return,  a point where an orgasm is reachable and the idea of stopping is out of the question.   I was in the zone that is my favorite.  On the edge,  pre-cum flowed freely from deep inside me the swelling pleasure  begins to overwhelm all concerns.  Prolonging and savoring this wonderful full body pleasure is difficult.   The sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, my heavy breathing,  birds uninterrupted.  Ignoring muscular fatigue. I continue to cling to the tree.   I am vulnerable,  my eyes are closed.   I hear  voices in the distance, on a different trail,  intense discussion, getting louder. They are heading towards me yet I was already past the point of stopping.     Three young ladies were  on the path directly below me .  The  I held my breath stayed clinging to the skinny flimsy tree, how ridicules I must look I did not care.   On the verge of humiliation yet I was still on the edge of cumming.    As yet they  had not looked up. Stopping directly below me curious about my bike a few yards away.   I did not care that I was caught doing my kink.    I am still struggling to stay in the tree but I am loosing my grip. I close my eyes hanging there naked .The girls  began to move slowly along the conversation about my belongings, my clothes I could hear they had not left the area.  Feeling of fatigue and burn in the muscles disappeared  and then strong   contractions released  waves of  pleasure,  pins a needles sensations over my entire naked body.   I was cumming hard and strong.   my eyes closed in my own world    my cum hitting the dry leaves below,  distinct intervals of a second between, I did not care that I was probably seen.  Nothing  mattered more,  I could not hold on any longer.  Slowly letting myself down, erect penis bouncing,  rigid and still  wet at the tip.    Turning towards where I left my clothes  in a distance not far away I heard whispers ,  laughter, giggling there  sitting on some boulders.  All I saw were wide eyes watching my every move.  As I searched for my clothes, I was questioned about my sexual deviancy.  Teased and laughed at, I endured the humiliation.  Interestingly,  my erection returned there was nothing I could do at this point.



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