rawdewd cam

To be completely naked for detailed study by groups of strangers.  For most people the idea of being naked in public is a subject of nightmares.  For some, the opposite is true.  An exhibitionist would consider this a fantasy come true.  exhibitionist desire to expose themselves, and must find acceptable outlets to express themselves.  My favorite university to pose over time has me as their go to guy when models cancel.  Calls from the studio resources are  frequent.  Excepting every offer to fill in calendar.  My popularity with instructors, art students, the department is up.  .  Maintaining a good work ethic or being reliable along with a strong performance on the model stand, counteracts any concerns about my chronic state of arousal.  From  sculpture, painting ,life drawing and especially anatomy.  Where instruction focuses on my erection as an opportunity to study male anatomy in an aroused state  .  At the start of the school year , straight out of high school freshman are clued in on what to expect. To be continued…


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