exhibitionist life drawing model (Clothed female naked male )CFNM situations can arise in situations where a male disrobes as part of a male striptease, a medical examination, as a figure model for art students 

I am being studied in close detail with all eyes on me.  I am totally naked on a small platform or stage.  This scenario I have pursued.  I  fantasize about  being on display totally naked as long as I can remember.  After I began posing naked for art it became apparent that a key aspect of this erotic fantasy involved humiliation.   The first time I lost control, developing  an erection in front of the student artists with all eyes on me. My decision to stay in the pose closing my eyes and attempting to calm myself .  As I did this it wasn’t just me experiencing this arousal.  Everyone in the studio was too along with me.  Realizing this my failure to calm my pulsing rock hard penis after making an effort to do so.  Continuing the pose elevated my arousal to a level I never experienced before.    In the close quarters of the art studio I can feel my erection stiffen with intensity, then for a while , relax a little.  As I concentrate to hold the pose without changing the position of my head , arms, amount of twist in my body.  As my thoughts drift from what my plans were for later to how my friends and family must not find out my secret passion.  Brought out the daze by the rhythmic thumping in my groin,   back to reality when my penis , as if it had a mind of its own ,  has restored its rigidity.  The buzz of arousal flowed through me,  the hush of the studio I could hear whispering around me but could not make out what was being said. An occasional cough or a dropped pencil was all I could hear over my heart beating. I blush.  How awkward a situation to be in, exposing my true self, humiliated, yet deriving pleasure from this.  Shame on me? I don’t think so.



20 thoughts on “My erection stiffens

  1. I can imagine all the thoughts going on within you during those moment. One thing I will say in honesty is that the erection that took place is a very commanding beauty.

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      1. I guess I say what I feel to say but always keep in mind regarding what I say so not offend but to compliment. You sure do deserve the compliment.

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      2. Well to say when looking at this very large swollen one I could imagine many things about it. You sure have a very strong looking one that most likely stay erect for quite some time.
        One could imagine in experiencing it in many ways.

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      3. Yes true but it is the call of nature and the forces of your inner self responding to your deepest thoughts and maybe your passions.

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      4. Your erection stiffens with intensity, then for while, relax a little then it becomes stiff again. I think sometimes it could become so stiff you are in pain. How you would want to release this pain of super hardness all at the same time you want to relax. Deep in your mind your hardness needs attention some way somehow. Now I may sit there as an artist of which I am and to see this stiffening taking place and how much the imagination could get stirred up and the greatest of desires would cause pain in the art student as well.It would be an amazing connection beyond the imagination to know what it would be like in more then just sitting there and drawing you. I am extremely good in life studies drawing the nude.

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      5. I would love to draw you in this way as I would draw the various moments of what you are going through plus what you are feeling. I would also through the drawing hope to indicate my feelings however they may be.


      6. I feel I need to say so much what I am feeling but I am not sure if it is ok to say so.


      1. Feel free to touch
        to feel its silky surface
        feeling its majestic strength
        to taste its scent

        Stroke its fullest
        the pause of its reaction
        the desires within
        and the pleasures acknowledge.

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