Lost My Clothes

I love to be naked outdoors.   It is so stimulating. In the past I was incredibly gutsy when  I felt the urge to get naked. One summer I was riding my bike home from the beach wearing only my swim trunks and flip flops. My route took me through a wilderness area dense with eucalyptus trees. The narrow asphalt bike trail had plenty of small clearings along the side I pull off the trail and park my bike.    My idea was to leave my bike out of view  and drop my swim trunks.     Sliding them down to my ankles and kicking them off  leaving them where they landed ,under a bush, before walking down the path.   At first, I was  staying close to where I stashed my trunks.  Encouraged by the deserted nature of the area I started   walking further and further down the path, my body was buzzing with excitement.  Not  realizing I was so far from my trunks I lost sight of the area.  A nervous rush of arousal and butterflies  in my abdomen, I can feel my erection stiffen and my heart race the more distance I put between me and where I left my shorts.  I was feeling vulnerable ,  began fondling myself as I walked.    Then from behind me I heard women voices. The sound of 2 woman  in their early 20’s appeared between me and my clothes. I panicked, but quickly realized that there was nowhere to hide. They saw me from a distance stopped and I heard them laugh and whisper to each other. Then they continued to walk towards me leaving me with no option but walk passed them . I was so embarrassed when they  teasingly asked me “did you lose something?”. I was speechless and blushing , my penis bouncing with each step walking passed them with the most intense erection I had ever had.

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