My first Orgasm was on a Pole

My First   Orgasm.     I  discovered by accident that I would get a pleasurable feeling inside my lower abdomen when I would climb poles and trees, or just do pull ups during physical ed. class.  Pretending to try to climb to the top of poles at school but the real reason was a secret. One time recess ended, but I had not finished my climb.  I was so embarrassed when I walked to class late after my teacher with second period students behind her, urged me to come down from the pole right now, I could not stop myself and continued till I climaxed. I didn’t think she knew then what I was up to.  But I am sure , when I think of it now, she knew what I was doing.

During the summer I would walk to the local school  where the poles were. Tetherball poles, volleyball poles,  the poles at the swing set worked just right..

As long as I could  climb them, I could repeat the magic. Generally, I would choose a pole ..

, then undress totally naked, making it many times more gratifying.

I was quick to get naked and  already aroused, manhood throbbing visibly and my heart pounding out of my chest. The anticipation , just thinking about it gave me an erection. After checking to make sure nobody in site.   I make my way out to where the pole was, grab hold and start climbing very slowly while clamping my thighs together squeezing my erection further upwards and outwards. My plan was to  jump down and duck behind the fence  if I saw anyone coming , until I got the courage to step out to where the pole was again  to continue.   Concerned that anyone might spot me naked but more so, that they catch me in the act of climbing a pole. I physically strain for  minutes till I start to get the feeling. My arms and hands in pain and legs fatigued, but still pressing together with precise timing. The last drop of energy left in me was going fast.  I struggle past the fatigue focusing on how pleasurable it makes me feel.  Reaching the point of no return when orgasm is imminent a frenzied struggle then it happens , overwhelming  waves of pleasure engulf my body and mind  I cling to the pole  with my eyes shut , how could this feel so damn good.   My most vulnerable moment.   There is the risk of getting caught element here, that’s another story.


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