nude model
nude model (Photo credit: romana klee)

A little bit nervous, I climbed on to the model stand for the first time.  I had to concentrate on not getting aroused, and I was successful. I focused on providing assortments of gesture poses and longer poses that expressed movement , tension, and emotion. Poses that I could hold and were interesting to draw. My confidence in my abilities was high.  A few deep breaths to ward off spontaneous erections the moment I felt the stirring inside. With a couple of sessions without incident I felt relaxed and sensuous.   Like before I climbed on to the platform dropping my robe naked again.  Three warm spot lights eliminated my body from above and below. I was in anatomy class where muscle and skeletal structure is studied very closely.  While standing on a box and students huddled around me.  The professor identified the external structures of the male reproductive organs using a pointer. All eyes focused on my genitals. The discussion about and questions regarding structure , function, etc.  And a question about my pubic hair or lack of it to be exact. This was far different from what I was used to. When I felt a slight tingle and butterflies in my stomach I thought , no , not now. I took a slow breath it was too late. I was developing an erection and I could do nothing to stop it. Within seconds, my penis was lurching furiously to the beat of my heart which I could actually hear. I closed my eyes, blushing, I thought I will be fired, I know it. I was in a state of confusion. To my surprise I heard the professor say oh, wonderful, here we can see the significant changes that take place during arousal. Note the tightening of the scrotum as the penis prepares for ejaculation . With all eyes on me, my breathing became heavy.  The discussion and viewing of my genitals during arousal  had turned up the throttle, so hot, it had my erection throbbing and engorged like never before.  I feel I have been outed,   I feel ashamed to be seen as the model motivated by the desire to be naked on display.  I made brief eye contact with students as I stepped down reaching for my robe my rigid penis wiggled tightly.  I was being looked at curiously but, I felt  not in judgement, I was their model.  “Thank you” whispered one student.    I shut the door to the art storage closet sitting down on a towel I brought.  I could hear the discussion taking place about male anatomy.  A sensation was incredible when I touched myself using the precum flowing.  Humiliation, sexual humiliation,    thoughts of what it was like to be  my audience today.   In my own world savoring, prolonging the delicious.  The same studio tomorrow morning I will undress for a different group.