The Best Orgasm

The ability to enjoy extreme pleasure at the most intense level has been my secret since very young.  Always taking notice of new poles and analysing if a  pole is just right to climb.  I had my eyes on a new  pole while at the beach this summer.  It was the perfect thickness and height.  On the sand without any bushes or fences anywhere near it was challenging.  I decided to go to the pole early mornings before the crowds.  Hitting the sand then a short walk to where the volleyball courts were.  Not many people on the beach this early I drop my shorts and t-shirt now naked I felt my was getting hard,  reaching the  pole already rock hard .  Just like many times before feeling vulnerable  brings a familiar pleasure.   Reaching high to pull  my legs up with my pubis pressing against the pole.  My thighs tighten and squeeze together then release in a constant rhythm.  Gradually the intensity increases when I can feel the faint beginnings of an orgasm.  I ignore the ache and fatigue in my arms and thighs continue climbing determined to orgasm.  This pole became my preferred,  visiting many times.   Each time is different depending on many circumstances.  Early is important with fewer people on the beach.  The experiences are so intense .  

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