Climbing Induced Orgasm


 When I was at the age of reaching puberty, I started this. I discovered by accident that I would get a pleasurable feeling inside my lower abdomen when I would climb poles and trees, or just do pull ups during physical ed. class. Eventually I would climb almost anything to achieve the sensation. After many months, my secret enjoyment continued. During the summer I would walk to the local school yard and go to recess yards where the poles were. Tetherball poles, volleyball poles, even handrails. Gate poles and sign post were excellent to. As long as I could grasp on them and climb them, I could make them work. Generally, I would find a pole .. like a tetherball pole for instance, then undress totally naked, an aspect of this that I began when I realized that my penis was involved in the pleasure and allowing my erection to be unhindered by clothing made things many times more gratifying. Anyway, now fully naked and aroused. I would venture out into the wide openness, grasp the pole and start climbing very slowly while clamping my thighs together squeezing my erection further upwards and outwards. My eyes scanning my surroundings in case someone comes. I physically strain for sometimes as long as 10 minutes till I start to feel the tingling in my abdomen. The beginnings of the unbelievably climax that I knew would come. Eventually as if someone flipped a switch, an orgasm so intense would overcome me and cause me to be frozen in sheer pleasure. My arms and hands in pain and legs fatigued, but still in rhythm,”


5 thoughts on “Climbing Induced Orgasm

  1. its a great update,
    Of anything one would wrap their body around is as I wrote in other comments is the nice round shiny brass pole. I feel it is the shiny smooth surface with not sticking or whatever making a climb and then sliding down again causes excitement so arousing.
    I am really happy to come across this blog as I feel I am not alone in this kind of thing.

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  2. I used to do the same thing in late elementary school and high school on the outdoor gym equipment, trees, doors or anything I could hang or climb. I totally know the feelings when you say “My arms and hands in pain and legs fatigued, but still in rhythm” That feeling of muscle strain coupled with the intense physical pleasure is amazing. I love that feeling of pushing yourself beyond your strength and comfort limit – pushing yourself to where you think you might not be able to hold yourself up any longer – and climaxing as a result. It’s truly a whole body experience. And I love the feeling afterwards – panting to catch your breath, feeling “really good” – spent in more ways that one 😉

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      1. Thanks, Rawdewd. I like your blog too because you and others on here understand these experiences and feelings well too. Until a few years ago I never knew anyone else could do this and I never told anyone. It was my private little secret for decades. I’ll look forward to reading more and to posting. I also wrote you via email at your email address which I found on one of your posts.

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