No Privacy Was Fitting

Naked in Public More Arousing when Seen

With summer was just around the corner one or two stops at the shore shack per week to try on swimsuits.  Rustic thrift store style shop always had a few new styles, but the constant supply of rayon with artsy prints and designs kept me coming back.  I’ll share this with you about the fitting room.  Bamboo walls with see through spaces  between the each post was intentional or drying of the boards was responsible.  I did not care about why,  and the fact that to try on swimsuits getting totally naked was a must.  This made thing more interesting for me.  Located in the middle of the store I could sometimes have a moment of eye contact along with lengthy searching through the racks within a few away I see them taking extended looks at my erection that was extra rigid and clearly visible, adding fuel to , it was amazing. 

On another visit I gathered some things to try on with and was already feeling a hard on in anticipation.  Something was different about the curtain this time.  It was not the fact that it was 4 inches short in width.  The gap in the curtain is what other store customers would peer through to get a good look at my boner, kind of confirming that what they were seeing through the stick walls was actually a real throbbing boner. 

Naked Display full Etection

What has changed since last week?  The length of the curtain has been shortened,  or,  pinned up like a tailor would helm up the leg of your pants.  The helm was a bit crude but I liked it,  at least 8 inches shorter.  My nervous butterfly stomach my penis was getting hard already.  Grabbing a few garments I went straight to the bamboo dressing room, told the salesperson I had some Items to try on.  I went in and began to undress.  The walls seemed even more see through than ever, with more light penetrating.  Sitting  on the wood bench I was facing the curtain after taking off everything but my socks then I removed my socks.  The total exposure excited me so much my erection was so stiff.  Pretending to try on the items of clothing I was stalling hoping more people would enter the store.  Stepping out to the full length mirror to check out the fit taking my time, then customers began to come in.  3 girls and one boy college age were checking out the clothes in the rack at the front of the shop making their way towards the dressing room where I was naked sitting on the bench I heard someone gasp quietly then whispers.  I was in full view from the chest down the curtain blocking my upper and the same for me.  I could not see who was looking at me, just their legs. Once I knew I was being watched I went on to trying on the other clothes , standing and sitting, squatting.  I was being viewed from all sides.  Being naked in front of strangers in this manner, like a spectacle on display my rock hard penis.  This pleases me its amazing.  The  pre cum was flooding my urethra after some time.  I was happy when several more people came in. I went into the motions of trying on clothes with an incredible rush each time I exposed myself to each person. With some taking more interest or time near the dressing room only increased the pleasure. I was not going to masturbate till I got back home. At least not this time. 



Awkward in Anatomy Class

Beginning Anatomy Class , introduction to nude model. The instructor motions me over to the front of the class as he rattles off bone structure terminology signals me to lose the robe, which I did without hesitation.  I stand naked in front of a freshman class of blushing faces and wide eyes,  my genitals on display  .  Completely naked and the center of attention,   the chances are high that the arousal will last the whole class time once it begins.  It is the reaction of  one or two students,  unknowingly, are causing me to feel arousal begin. As I stood there in the anatomy stance it was these two that could barely contain themselves when  a heaviness, a swelling began,  then the feeling of my penis rising from my body.  erectstage when I felt a  wave of arousal, within a few seconds a full erection, throbbing wildly , with my scrotum rolling tight.   The pleasure I feel from being in the situation is so intense.   Naked  humiliation, is awkward , yet finding a positive outlet is appreciated,  continues to fulfill  .  Now I am blushing.


Climbs Pole Naked at The Beach

erotic fiction  male exhibitionist  Climb Pole Naked at the beach

I went to the beach at dawn and got naked behind this tall bush at the edge of the sand.  I rolled up my tee-shirt with my elastic waisted swimming trunks and tossed them out of sight. Being naked outdoors is the ultimate of turn-ons, the risk of being seen this morning exists.  I have the fantasy about walking naked in public and being observed.  Without hesitation, I walk slowly to the beach with one hand reaching down touching myself. The more distance I put to my clothes the more excited I become.  My penis

pole climbing naked
in action on the pole

throbs, a hot heavy feeling fills my groin.  The buzz of arousal senses heightened by my nakedness.   Newly installed poles near the volleyball courts was where I was headed.  About  Half way  to the water’s edge  a cool breeze,  along  with ocean mist on my naked body  completely out in the open without my clothes  felt amazing .    My   rock hard penis jiggle with each step. I fondled myself , pre-cum flowed onto my palm. I glanced around to see if any new people had arrived on the beach.  If anyone has noticed that I am naked. Not likely,  A  long and wide beach, lots of room, 100 feet wide 1/4 mile long.  Hiding in plain sight? .I guess.  This is the perfect pole,  just the right thickness and tall enough to get off the ground.    I reached up grabbed the  pole as high as possible.  Opening my legs  the pole firmly against my pubic area squeezing my thighs together  pulling  myself upwards with thighs clamped together.  My penis jumped as it made contact with the chilled pole.  I adjusted my grip and positioned myself into the same way I had done before.  My hard penis  always to the right of the pole. I began  slowly climbing the pole with my thighs squeezing together in a precise rhythmic motion like always.   I am really just clinging to the pole at this point continuing  but keeping stress on my arms. It feels so awesome to be naked outside like this. When I imagine I am being viewed a pleasure buzzes through me.   A few minutes pass before I start to feel something in my abdomen, that fluttering sensation.  Now I am chasing that feeling I know will come if I concentrate and work through the fatigue I now feel in my arms and hands.  I start to gasp and breathe hard as I intensify my efforts, and speed up my thighs  rhythmic motions and subtle humping action on the pole.  A quick scan of the beach,   I see some joggers coming my way . Most likely they will  follow the wet sand .  The beach is usually deserted this early in the morning.  Today was different.  My first thought is to run to my clothes,  but, I was starting to get the sensation deep inside me.  In the throes of passion,  I was unaware how much the situation had changed.  I was in the zone , the point of no return. So close to cumming I can not stop.  Even the fatigue in my arms and hands do not stop me, I  continue.   I squeeze my thighs together with a frenzied pace.  On the edge, I continue with my eyes closed causing me to lose track of the  two female joggers .  The sound of the ocean waves drown out their chatter until  I hear , “what the fuck,  he’s naked”,   snickering turning to laughter what is he doing on that pole?   hearing only whispers . Now  walking straight towards me they approach within 20 or 30 feet then silence.   At this stage of the climb nothing seems to be more important that finishing what i started. Even after hearing people near me I kept it up. My eyes are still closed,  as I was set in  wave after wave of  pleasure  rolled up from inside my core ,   my whole body is in a full  climax.   An incapacitating  pleasure with each  contraction  , ejaculating hot fluid far distances,  landing on the sand .  I was being laughed at while I was cumming.   Not until the last wave of pleasure  passes  do I slide down.  humiliated.

full seen

Shared Experience

I left my pajamas on the ground behind the ac condenser , my erection stiffened.    I was acting on a insatiable desire to be naked in public. My heart raced, a shortness of breath. The moment I heard the side yard gate latch behind me my already swollen penis filled my inner groin this pleased me so. The space between the house next door and ours was without landscaping.  Nothing to hide behind not even a blade of grass.  I delighted in my total nakedness in full eyesight of pedestrians. My enjoyment surged when the first eyes on me turned away, then returned for second peek of the spectacle. Just less than a minute another viewer stopped for a moment then grinned and continued on.  Everyone that walked past seemed a little suprised at first realizing how excited I was.  Losing track of time there was no time to masturbate till the afternoon.  Spontaneous erections all day finally able to masturbate late afternoon.   I pleasured myself,  climaxing again, and again with those first eyes  on me in my thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Mile High Flash

Wet Dream come true

Summer break, a day at a concert with friends,  forced exposed genitals resulting in intense sexual arousal.   I decided to share this unique experience to possibly get some feedback and insight from others that had like experiences.  Imagine  how it felt when the humiliation reached a turning point, when embarrassment and dread suddenly was the 

masturbating while being watched

very thing that excited me.   I  still masturbate  while remembering the details being naked in  public,  many times during an outing to a concert at a high-profile stadium in Denver.  A group of friends and I were driving to Wisconsin  for the summer, staying a few days in ….  I had not packed much planning to purchase what I needed once I got to my destination.  Our route took us through a large college town visiting friends. We  jumped at the invitation to spend the day  for this concert. Weather was going to be hot and dry, so it was shorts , tshirt and flip-flops. Since I had not packed these items in my travel bag, my female companion provided what I needed. I put them on and I was laughing about how short, yet loose-fitting the cut off  Levis were small and tight the t-shirt was. “I can’t wear this” I protested. We were running late so nobody was hearing me. Before I knew it I was in the car with nothing more than Levi cut-offs ,t-shirt and flip-flops. No underwear with these shorts meant my penis and balls and anus would be flying in the wind. I was already feeling my penis getting hard with nothing to contain it. My balls and anus on the cool leather seats , o h my god , I am in for it today. We parked the car and as I clamored out the back seat my full  package tight balls and all shown in the bright morning sun and timing could not have been planned any better, or worse.  I didn’t go unnoticed by the throngs of concert goers unloading from cars and congregating.  The only thing I had going for me was I was surrounded by my peers with more liberal attitudes generally.     Standing in line in the parking lot to enter the gate I could see and feel the glances and stares I was getting from all sides.  My attempts to get more coverage out of the  daisy dukes cutoff jeans by wearing them lower on my waist failed.  I could not keep my hard cock concealed and this only excited me more . I only wanted to get to our seats.  I never thought this would actually happen, except only in my fantasies.  A  fantasy where I am forced to be totally naked in public by circumstance I have no control over,  drive my masturbation sessions to climax/ejaculation .     I was a closet  exhibitionist until this weekend. Now everyone knew the truth.  My predicament continued for the next 5 hours. No place to hide. No privacy to get some release, there was just nowhere to go. Like , I was stuck in my own personal  twilight zone.   


Caught Climbing

The 80 acres of land densely forested private land had miles of trails.  The  beauty of the wilderness and nature brings out feelings of freedom, the perfect place to take off my clothes to satisfy a  desire to be naked outdoors.  I have had  dreams, and fantasies about being naked outdoors,  so, when riding my motorcycle,  part of my rides resulted finding the best place to frolic about.  A very erotic element always played out.  Taking off my clothes as I listened and studied my surroundings making sure I was alone.  Leaving my clothes in a neat pile noting the landmarks so I can find my clothes later.  My penis feels heavy and sways from side to side as I walked.  After a few minutes I veered off the trail where a stand  of thin smooth barked trees dominated the landscape.  I have been here before,  my penis had  stiffened  and  was throbbing furiously.    I would not have to go far to find the perfect tree  reaching as high as I could reach, grasping the tree I pull my body upwards lift my feet off the ground  with my rigid penis directly contacting the tree  to the right.  I climb as high as 12 feet struggling to reach a plateau of a mixture of physical fatigue and arousal.  Sliding down to rest, then, resume climbing again at least 2 or 3   times to reach orgasm .   This tree was thin and tall with no branches at the bottom.  Branches are an annoyance but not a problem.   While I was on my third climb severe fatigue set in,  was clinging to the tree about 13 feet up pausing for a moment.  I was in the point of no return,  a point where an orgasm is reachable and the idea of stopping is out of the question.   I was in the zone that is my favorite.  On the edge,  pre-cum flowed freely from deep inside me the swelling pleasure  begins to overwhelm all other

concerns.  What I mean is the concern that I might be caught had become a low priority.  Reaching orgasm is most important.   Prolonging and savoring this wonderful full body pleasure is difficult.     Ignoring muscular fatigue,  pushing past the burn,  I continue to cling to the tree.   I am vulnerable, in my own world, my eyes are closed.   I am no longer alarmed when I hear  voices in the distance.  I gamble that they would be on a different trail so I ignore it.  A group was having an intense discussion, was getting louder. They are heading towards me yet I was already past the point of stopping.     Three young ladies were  on the path directly below me .  The truth is,  I could not stop,  not now.   I held my breath stayed clinging to the skinny flimsy tree, how  I must look, I did not care.   On the verge of humiliation yet I was still on the edge of cumming.    As yet they  had not looked up. Stopping directly below me curious about my bike a few yards away.      I am still struggling to stay in the tree but I am loosing my grip. I close my eyes hanging there naked .The girls  began to move slowly along the conversation about my belongings, my clothes I could hear they had not left the area.  Feeling of fatigue and arm muscles burned, then was replaced with  a flood pleasure  , shooting my hot load with power not felt  before, and kept on and on , I could hear my cum hitting the dry leaves below  I gasped, the pleasure flowed through every part of my body.   I could not hold on any longer.  Slowly letting myself down,  penis bouncing and rigid  still dripping and wet.    Turning towards where I left my clothes,  I realized I had not gone undetected after all.  Not far away, three young ladies  had positioned themselves  atop a cluster of boulders providing an unobstructed view. l hear whispers, giggling breaking into   laughter.  I see wide eyes watching me, my  every move.  I searched for my clothes they were not there , nothing to cover myself. Mean while being teased about my sexual deviancy, a freak, exhibitionist.  I endured the humiliation, then something strange happened.  I began to become aroused , this  was such a turn-on.



My erection stiffens

exhibitionist life drawing model (Clothed female naked male )CFNM situations can arise in situations where a male disrobes as part of a male striptease, a medical examination, as a figure model for art students 

I am being studied in close detail with all eyes on me.  I am totally naked on a small platform or stage.  This scenario I have pursued.  I  fantasize about  being on display totally naked as long as I can remember.  After I began posing naked for art it became apparent that a key aspect of this erotic fantasy involved humiliation.   The first time I lost control, developing  an erection in front of the student artists with all eyes on me. My decision to stay in the pose closing my eyes and attempting to calm myself .  As I did this it wasn’t just me experiencing this arousal.  Everyone in the studio was too along with me.  Realizing this my failure to calm my pulsing rock hard penis after making an effort to do so.  Continuing the pose elevated my arousal to a level I never experienced before.    In the close quarters of the art studio I can feel my erection stiffen with intensity, then for a while , relax a little.  As I concentrate to hold the pose without changing the position of my head , arms, amount of twist in my body.  As my thoughts drift from what my plans were for later to how my friends and family must not find out my secret passion.  Brought out the daze by the rhythmic thumping in my groin,   back to reality when my penis , as if it had a mind of its own ,  has restored its rigidity.  The buzz of arousal flowed through me,  the hush of the studio I could hear whispering around me but could not make out what was being said. An occasional cough or a dropped pencil was all I could hear over my heart beating. I blush.  How awkward a situation to be in, exposing my true self, humiliated, yet deriving pleasure from this.  Shame on me? I don’t think so.


I saw you

The Best Orgasm

The ability to enjoy extreme pleasure at the most intense level has been my secret since very young.  Always taking notice of new poles and analysing if a  pole is just right to climb.  I had my eyes on a new  pole while at the beach this summer.  It was the perfect thickness and height.  On the sand without any bushes or fences anywhere near it was challenging.  I decided to go to the pole early mornings before the crowds.  Hitting the sand then a short walk to where the volleyball courts were.  Not many people on the beach this early I drop my shorts and t-shirt now naked I felt my was getting hard,  reaching the  pole already rock hard .  Just like many times before feeling vulnerable  brings a familiar pleasure.   Reaching high to pull  my legs up with my pubis pressing against the pole.  My thighs tighten and squeeze together then release in a constant rhythm.  Gradually the intensity increases when I can feel the faint beginnings of an orgasm.  I ignore the ache and fatigue in my arms and thighs continue climbing determined to orgasm.  This pole became my preferred,  visiting many times.   Each time is different depending on many circumstances.  Early is important with fewer people on the beach.  The experiences are so intense .  

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