No Privacy Was Fitting

I did not care about why,  and the fact that to try on swimsuits getting totally naked was a must


Awkward in Anatomy Class

when I felt a wave of arousal

Climbs Pole Naked at The Beach

Being naked outdoors is the ultimate of turn-ons

full seen

desire to be naked in public

Caught Climbing

I could hear my cum hitting the dry leaves below  I gasped

view of smooth penis after electrolysis

close-up view of scrotum, anus, penis after  pubic hair removed with electrolysis

Exhibitionist desires

completely naked for detailed study by groups of strangers.

My erection stiffens

I fantasize about being on display totally naked



Nude Model

being nude in front of complete strangers arouses me

pubic hair removed with electrolysis


A Pleasant Discovery

In an instant I gasped, then, closed my eyes frozen in place motionless hanging there naked I struggled. As she began to move past me glancing at the bike again, looked at my clothes laying on the ground